1st Edition

Displaced Archives

Edited By James Lowry Copyright 2017
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    Displaced archives have long been a problem and their existence continues to trouble archivists, historians and government officials. Displaced Archives brings together leading international experts to comprehensively explore the current state of affairs for the first time. Drawing on case studies from around the world, the authors examine displaced archives as a consequence of conflict and colonialism, analysing their impact on government administration, nation building, human rights and justice. Renewed action is advocated through considerations of the legal approaches to repatriation, the role of the international archival community, ‘shared heritage’ approaches and other solutions. The volume offers new theoretical, technical and political insights and will be essential reading for practitioners, academics and students in the field of archives, cultural property and heritage management, as well as history, politics and international relations.

    Eric Ketelaar

    Introduction: Displaced Archives
    James Lowry

    1. Archives Seizures: The Evolution of International Law
    Charles Kecskeméti

    2.  Making Sovereignty and Affirming Modernity in the Archives of Decolonisation: The Algeria-France ‘Dispute’ between the Post-Decolonisation French and Algerian Republics, 1962-2015
    Todd Shepard

    3. Displaced Archives in The National Archives of the United Kingdom
    Mandy Banton

    4. Indonesian National Revolution Records in the National Archives of the Netherlands
    Michael Karabinos

    5.  Hiding the European Colonial Past: A Comparison of Archival Policies
    Vincent Hiribarren

    6. Revisiting Expatriate Archives
    Timothy Lovering

    7. A Proposal for Action on African Archives in Europe
    Nathan Mnjama and James Lowry

    8. Displaced Archives in the Wake of Wars
    Leopold Auer

    9. Pan-European Displaced Archives in the Russian Federation: Still Prisoners of War on the 70th Anniversary of V-E Day
    Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

    10. Iraq and Kuwait: The Seizure and Destruction of Historical Patrimony
    Bruce Montgomery

    11. Networking Records in Their Diaspora: A Reconceptualisation of Displaced Records in a Postnational World
    Anne J. Gilliland

    12. Revisiting the Law and Politics of Compromise
    Douglas Cox


    James Lowry is a Lecturer in the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies, UK.

    "The essays range in depth and detail but all of them address their selected topic with well-referenced research and present the current state of various situations where archives are under dispute [...] This book is a very academic compilation bringing together a range of scholars with a varied range of specialisms across the world touching on Iraq, Africa, Indonesia, South Korea and Russia and their connections and contentions with Europe and America."

    Alex Fitzgerald, Standard Life Aberdeen plc, Edinburgh, UK