1st Edition

Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity The Petrified Gaze

By Johannes Siapkas, Lena Sjögren Copyright 2013
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity investigates the study and display of ancient sculpture from archaeological, art historical, and museum studies perspectives. Ancient sculptures not only give us knowledge about ancient Greek and Roman pasts, but they also mediate ideals that inform modern perceptions of antiquity. This book analyzes how an art historical tradition establishes and preserves an idealized view of antiquity in classical archaeology and in museum exhibitions. The authors investigate how these ideals are kept alive today—an approach that often is neglected in studies on ancient reception.This book offers an international scope and illustrates how academic conceptual foundations influence museum exhibitions.This timely volume discusses contemporary museum exhibitions of ancient sculpture and clarifies how old discourses continue to affect museum exhibitions and conceptualizations of ancient sculptures. The authors analyze close to 100 museums around the world, and demonstrate the ways in which ancient sculptures are mediated across Europe and the West.

    Part 1. Introduction Lena Sjögren  Part 2. Discursive Settings Introduction Lena Sjögren  1. Classical Archaeology – A Critical Overview Johannes Siapkas  2. Art Historical Discourses Johannes Siapkas  3. The Study of Ancient Sculpture Lena Sjögren  4. Current Approaches to Ancient Sculpture Lena Sjögren  Part 3. Museological Frictions Introduction Lena Sjögren  5. Genealogies Johannes Siapkas  6. Masterpieces Johannes Siapkas  7. Art Historical Narratives Lena Sjögren  8. Archaeological Displays of Sculpture Lena Sjögren Part 4. Conclusion Johannes Siapkas


    Johannes Siapkas is Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden.

    Lena Sjögren is Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeological and Classical Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden.

    "Siapkas and Sjögren deserve credit for tackling such a variety of issues in relation to the presentation of Greek and Roman sculptures. Their thought-provoking work should inspire further study in this field, and will be of interest to anyone contemplating the role of ancient art and artifacts in museums." - Jessica Powers, San Antonio Museum of Art

    "...This book breaks new ground by including museum exhibits as an important element in the historiographyof ancient sculpture...The whole work remains a fascinating and wide-ranging consideration of the interplay between published scholarship and museum displays in the field of ancient sculpture, an
    important issue that deserves further attention."
    - Kate Cooper, Royal Ontario Museum & University of Toronto