1st Edition

Disrupted Narratives Illness, Silence and Identity in Svevo, Pressburger and Morandini

By Emma Bond Copyright 2012

    This book examines Italo Svevo, Giorgio Pressburger and Giuliana Morandini, all make use of individual 'infected' or suppressed voices within their texts which unfold through illness, silence and identity to cast doubt on a more dominant narrative standpoint.

    When the lights of health go down': Narratives in Negative 1. On the Kristevan Semiotic: Language, Desire and Subjectivity 2. Hidden Voices: Revelatory Female Illness in Italo Svevo’s Senilità and La coscienza di Zeno 3. Intimacy in Illness and Silence: Giorgio Pressburger's 'La legge degli spazi bianchi' and 'Vera' 4. Street-haunting': Reclaiming the Semiotic in Giuliana Morandini's Caffè Specchi 5. Clues, Traces and Symptoms of the Intimate: Towards a 'Morellization' of the Ill Voice


    Emma Bond