1st Edition

Disruptive Developments in Biomedical Applications

    360 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers advancements and future challenges in biomedical application development using disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and signal processing. The book is divided into four main sections, namely, medical image processing using AI; IoT and biomedical devices; biomedical signal processing; and electronic health records, including advances in biomedical systems. It includes different case studies of biomedical applications using different AI algorithms related to diabetes, skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and osteoarthritis.


    • Covers different technologies like AI, IoT, and signal processing in the context of biomedical applications.
    • Reviews medical image analysis, disease detection, and prediction.
    • Comprehends the advantage of recent technologies for medical record keeping through electronic health records (EHRs).
    • Presents state-of-the-art research in the field of biomedical engineering using various physiological signals.
    • Explores different bio sensors used in healthcare applications using IOT.

    This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in AI, medical imaging, biomedical engineering, and IoT.

    Chapter 1: Recent advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Nanobiomedical applications: Trends, Challenges and future prospects
    Dr. J. G. Gujar, Dr. Sonali Kadam and Dr. U. D. Patil

    Chapter 2: Medical Imaging modalities and different image processing techniques- State of the Art Review
    Lalitha S, Sanjana T and Bhavana H T

    Chapter 3: Prognosis and diagnosis of disease using AI/ML techniques
    Sandhya KV and Jithu Jerin James

    Chapter 4: AI Based Approach For Brain Tumor Detection And Classification
    Shweta Pandav and Dr. Lenina SVB

    Chapter 5: Prediction & Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease using Machine Learning Models
    Dr. Deepa N. Reddy, Santrupti M Bagali, Sanjana Dathathri, Priyanka R and Sara M N

    Chapter 6: Classification of Histopathology Images of Lung Cancer Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
    Renu Kachhoria and Neha Baranwal

    Chapter 7: Case study on Oropharyngeal Cancer Prediction and Diagnosis and Management based upon MRI, CT scan imaging techniques.
    Pallavi Bhosle, Hujeb Pathan , Ganesh Tapadiya and Md. Irshad Alam

    Chapter 8: Introduction to Smart Healthcare using IoMT
    Dr. Varsha Bendre and Dr. Deepti Khurge

    Chapter 9: A Webcam-based Belt-System for Respiratory and Chest-expansion Measurements
    RAMESH R GALIGEKERE, Niveditha, Rohan Gupta, Anup Bhat, Kalyana Chakravarthy Bairapareddy and Rahul Magazine
    Chapter 10: A Novel Data Analysis Framework in Smart City Healthcare
    Swapnaja Hiray and Ravi Bhramaramba

    Chapter 11: Evolution of Automatic Epilepsy Detection and Classification Techniques: A Survey
    Neeta Hemant Chapatwala and Dr. Chirag N. Paunwala

    Chapter 12: Evaluation of Boosting Algorithms for P300 Detection in EEG Signals
    Subhash Tatale, Dr.Priyanka Jain, Dr.Nivedita Bhirud, Rutuja Pote, Vinaya Kumar, Purvi Sampat and N.K.Jain

    Chapter 13: Comprehensive Study of Brain Computer Interface(BCI) with emphasis on Signal Processing Strategies
    Dr. Vrushali Ganesh Raut, Dr.Pranoti P. Mane and Dr. S. O.Rajankar

    Chapter 14: Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction using Adaptive Filters Approach
    Dr. Manjiri A. Ranjanikar, Dr. Sagar V. Joshi, Dr. Jaishri M. Waghmare, Dr. Swati Shinde and Dr. Rachana Y. Patil

    Chapter 15: Detection of Heart Functioning Abnormalities (Arrhythmia) Using ECG Signals : A Systematic Review
    Ketan Sanjay Desale and Dr. Swati Shinde

    Chapter 16: Heart Rate Variability Analysis in Healthy Male Subjects with Comprehensive Age Groups
    Anjali C. Birajdar and Dr. Vijaya R. Thool

    Chapter 17: Electronic Health Records: Need, Challenges and Future scope
    Dr. Priya Makarand Shelke and Dr. Jayashri Vitthalrao Bagade

    Chapter 18: Role of EHR in cancer detection: need, challenges and future scope of EHR
    Pratiksha R Deshmukh and Rashmi Phalnikar

    Chapter 19: Implantable Pacemaker Low Power Telemetry Unit
    Santosh D. Chede

    Chapter 20: Recent Advances in Drug Delivery Systems: MEMS Perspective
    Bhavana H T, Dr. M. Anantha Sunil, Sanjana T and B Harshitha

    Chapter 21: Estimating the Blood-vessel Response to Vaso-active Agents by Microscope Video Image Processing
    RAMESH R GALIGEKERE, Dr. Rohit Nayak and Dr. Mikkel Brydegaard

    Chapter 22: Organ Donation and Transplantation Challenges, Opportunities and Role of Blockchain
    Dr. Rachana Yogesh Patil, Yogesh H. Patil, Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta  and Dr. Aparna Bannore


    Swati V. Shinde, Oscar Castillo