2nd Edition

Distinct Identities Minority Women in U.S. Politics

Edited By Nadia E. Brown, Sarah Allen Gershon Copyright 2023
    352 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    352 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The second edition of Distinct Identities continues to provide a sophisticated yet accessible introduction to the complexities of the politics, social structures, and cultural contexts that animate how women of color engage in and shape U.S. politics. Keeping the structure of the original volume, this text represents the diverse and innovative scholarship being conducted in this field while covering the core topics in gender politics.

    What’s New:

    • Chapters on queer women of color and the role of women of color and social movements.
    • Chapters on the strategies that women of color use to run for office, where they run, political newcomers (Asian and Indigenous women).
    • Chapters on the experiences of women of color office holders.
    • Chapters on policy analysis and the media’s role in shaping the political agenda of women of color political elites.

    Distinct Identities pushes the boundaries of traditional intersectional scholarship and responds to America’s rapidly diversifying demographics and political culture. It reflects cutting-edge scholarship and provides readers with insight into where the field of women of color politics will head in the coming years.

    1. Distinct Identities II: Minority Women in US Politics

    Nadia E. Brown and Sarah Allen Gershon

    Part 1: Mass Behavior and Grassroots Mobilization

    2. Same Qualifications, Different Identities: Evaluating Voter Perceptions by Candidate Sexuality, Race, and Gender

    Christina Pao and Akhil Rajan

    3. Black Lives Matter at the Intersection

    Tony E. Carey Jr. and Mary-Kate Lizotte

    4. Muslim Women in the United States and Experiences with Discrimination

    Nura Ahmad Sediqe

    5. Thinking Outside the (Ballot) Box: Analyzing the Political Creativity of Black Women-Led Organizations Mobilizing Voters In Baltimore

    Ashley C.J. Daniels

    6. Pathways & Barriers: How Young Women of Color are Politicized in Chicago

    Margaret Teresa Brower

    Part 2: Running for Office

    7. Asian Americans Making Waves in City Halls and Beyond

    Nicole Filler and Pei-te Lien

    8. Talking the Talk: Lori Lightfoot on Policing and Violence in Chicago

    Elizabeth Jordie Davies

    9. From the Bench to the Ladder? Gendered Local Political Experience and Latina Success in State Legislatures

    Ricardo Ramirez and Victoria Velasquez

    10. Asian American and Pacific Islander Women Leaders and Political Communication

    Dan Qi, Cana Kim, and Nichole M. Bauer

    11. Different Paths to Political Ambition Through Sports for Black and White Women

    Abigail Bowen

    Part 3: Representation and Office Holding

    12. Theorizing Kamala Harris

    Danielle Casarez Lemi, Sarah Virginia Hayes, and Maricruz Ariana Osorio

    13. Sí, Ella Puede! Social Movements, Community Activism, and Latina Legislative Leadership

    Celeste Montoya

    14. The Phenomenon of Autocannibalism and Black Women Judges’ On-the-Bench Experiences

    Taneisha N. Means, Achal Fernando-Peiris, Georgia Hahn, Joseph Kelly, Elaina Peterkin, Katha Sikka, Sabrina Ulsh

    15. Holding Office in Native America: The Policy Choices of Native Women Legislators

    Elise Blasingame

    16. "I’m A Mother First": How Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ intersecting Identities Inform her Criminal Justice Reform Policies

    Andrene Z. Wright and Natasha Altema McNeely

    17. The Squad Has Something to Say: Black and Latina Congressional Women, Twitter, and Representation during the Trump Era

    Najja K. Baptist, Guillermo Caballero, Peay Perlioux, Michael Simrak

    18. A CROWN For All of Us: The Double Momentum Model of Policy Entrepreneurship

    Sherelle Roberts


    Nadia E. Brown is Professor of Government, Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Affiliate in African American Studies at Georgetown University. She is a former lead editor of Politics, Groups and Identities, a journal of the Western Political Science Association. Dr. Brown is a founding board member of Women Also Know Stuff. She is also one of the American politics editors at The Monkey Cage. She is an award-winning author, anti-sexual assault advocate, and #AcademicMama. Her research interests lie broadly in identity politics, legislative studies, and Black women’s studies. While trained as a political scientist, her scholarship on intersectionality seeks to push beyond disciplinary constraints to think more holistically about the politics of identity.

    Sarah Allen Gershon is Ray and John Uttenhove WomenLead Professor at Georgia State University. Her research focuses primarily on the incorporation of traditionally underrepresented groups (including women, and racial and ethnic minorities) into the American political system. Dr. Gershon’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and published in numerous journals. She also co-authored (with Larry Berman, Bruce Allen Murphy, and Nadia Brown) the 9th and 10th editions of Approaching Democracy. Dr. Gershon teaches courses on research methods, women in politics, and campaigns & elections.

    "The range of groups and methodological approaches encompassed in Distinct identities is unparalleled. This book is an essential volume for understanding the scope of intersectional research in political science today, and its potential for the future."

    Christian Dyogi Phillips, University of Southern California

    "Aimed at bringing new methods, approaches, and ideas to the important task of understanding the experiences of individuals with intersecting identities in our political system, this new edition of Distinct Identities offers a multitude of fresh, important, and nuanced research on how and when identity matters in politics. A ‘can’t miss’ addition to the literature."

    Mirya R. Holman, PhD, Associate Professor, Political Science, Tulane University

    "Once again, Professors Brown and Gershon curate an outstanding collection of research on gender and politics. The chapters demonstrate a diversity that reflects both a commitment to methodological pluralism and a deep engagement with a rich array of literature in the social sciences and humanities."

    Ray Block Jr., Brown-McCourtney Career Development Professor in the McCourtney Institute, Associate Professor of Political Science and African American Studies, The Pennsylvania State University - University Park

    "As the US population becomes more diverse, there is a growing need for scholarship that increases our understanding of the ways women of color’s multiple identities impact their political participation. The research in this volume delves into the unique experiences of Black, Asian American, Latina, MENA, and Native women to highlight their voice in areas from social movements to voting and officeholding. Illuminating the power of identity and intersectionality, the work is essential reading for students and scholars."

    Michele Swers, Georgetown University

    "Once again, this powerful volume provides a one-stop-shop for a broad and nuanced analysis of the influence of women of color on contemporary U.S. politics, political institutions, elections and the electorate. The rigorous yet accessible use of diverse theoretical perspectives and research methods to examine a host of research questions related to women of color in politics and policy makes this edition a must read, must cite as well as must assign in classes on American politics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Gender and Politics and many others courses."

    Lorrie Frasure, PhD, MPP, Ralph J. Bunche Endowed Chair, Professor of Political Science and African American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

    "The political world of women of color is complex and dynamic. The second edition of Distinct Identities explores the avenues in which women of color politically lead and engage. Kudos to the editors bringing to the fore the political lives of women that is shaped by culture, identity and structures but also for elevating scholars who value an intersectional approach to political science."

    Pearl K. Dowe, Ph.D, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Designee, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Political Science and African American Studies