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Mechanisms of Age-cognition Relations in Adulthood

Mechanisms of Age-cognition Relations in Adulthood

1st Edition

By Timothy A. Salthouse
July 01, 1992

This monograph is the written version of a series of talks delivered as recent MacEachran Lectures at the University of Alberta. The informal style of the lectures, and the inclusion of a relatively large number of figures, has been preserved in order to keep the monograph faithful to the concept ...

Sex Differences in Social Behavior A Social-role interpretation

Sex Differences in Social Behavior: A Social-role interpretation

1st Edition

By Alice H. Eagly
April 01, 1987

In presenting an innovative theory of sex differences in the social context, this volume applies social-role theory and meta-analytic techniques to research in aggression, social influence, helping, nonverbal, and group behavior. Eagly's findings show that gender stereotypic behavior results from ...

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