1st Edition

Distributed Computer Control Systems in Industrial Automation

    A reference guide for professionals or text for graduate and postgraduate students, this volume emphasizes practical designs and applications of distributed computer control systems. It demonstrates how to improve plant productivity, enhance product quality, and increase the safety, reliability, and


    Introduction and Overview

    Aims of Plant Automation

    Classical Approaches to Plant Automation

    Computer-Based Plant Automation Concepts

    Distributed Computer Control

    System Architecture

    Evolution of Hierarchical System Structure

    Functional Levels

    Database Organisation

    System Implementation Concepts

    Human Interface

    System Elements

    Field Stations

    Intermediate Stations

    Central Computer Station

    Monitoring and Command Facilities

    Data Communication Links

    Transfer of Process Data

    Communication Within the System

    Local Area Networks (LAN)

    Open Systems Interconnection Model of ISO

    IEEE Project 802, on Local Area Networks

    MAO—Manufacturing Automation Protocol

    Buses and Communication Networks of DCCS


    Real-time Operating System

    Communication Software

    Process-Oriented Languages

    Application Software

    Software Configuration and Parametrisation

    Knowledge-Based Software


    Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Algorithms

    Closed-Loop and Sequential Control

    Optimal and Adaptive Control

    Implementation Examples

    Algorithms Available Within DCCS


    Reliability Parameters of Systems

    Reliability and Availability of Multi-Computer Systems

    Reliability of Software

    Reliability Design Guidelines for DCCS

    Reliability Concepts in Available DCCS


    Power Plants

    Iron and Steel Plants

    Chemical Plants

    Cement Plants

    Pulp and Paper Plants

    Glass-Making Plants

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Oil and Gas Fields

    State-of-The-Art and Future Trends

    State-of-the-Art in DCCS

    State-of-the-Art in Programmable Controllers

    Factors Impacting Technology Development

    Artificial Intelligence in Process Control

    Concluding Remarks




    VijayP. Bhatkar

    ". . .serve[s] as a reference volume for a variety of engineers engaged in planning, design, and application of distributed computer control systems (DCCS) to new or existing chemical processes. . .also useful to chemists seeking to fully automate synthetic or analytical methods. . . . . .a good panorama of DCCS which will be useful to persons who are active in this area. "
    ---Journal of the American Chemical Society