1st Edition

Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Transformers

ISBN 9781138073845
Published April 6, 2017 by CRC Press
293 Pages 103 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The demand for alternative energy sources fuels the need for electric power and controls engineers to possess a practical understanding of transformers suitable for solar energy. Meeting that need, Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Transformers begins by explaining the basic theory behind transformers in the solar power arena, and then progresses to describe the development, manufacture, and sale of distributed photovoltaic (PV) grid transformers, which help boost the electric DC voltage (generally at 30 volts) harnessed by a PV panel to a higher level (generally at 115 volts or higher) once it is inverted to the AC voltage form by the inverter circuit.

Packed with real-life scenarios and case studies from around the globe, Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Transformers covers the key design, operation, and maintenance aspects of transformers suitable for solar energy. Topics include islanding, voltage flicker, voltage operating range, frequency and power factor variation, and waveform distortion. Multiple homework questions are featured in each chapter. A solutions manual and downloadable content, such as illustrated examples, are available with qualifying course adoption.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Distributed Photo Voltaic (DPV) Grid Power Transformers
Use of DPV Grid Power Transformers
Voltage Flicker and Variation in DPV Grid Transformers
Harmonics and Wave Form Distortion (Losses, Power Rating) in DPV Grid Transformers
Frequency Variation, Power Factor Variation in DPV Grid Transformers
Relay Protection for DPV Grid Power Transformers
DC Bias in DPV Grid Power Transformers
Thermo Cycling (Loading) and Its Effects on DPV Grid Transformers
Power Quality Provided by DPV Grid Power Transformers
Voltage Transients and Insulation Coordination in DPV Grid Power Transformers
Inverter Circuit Coordination with a DPV Grid Power Transformer
Magnetic Inrush Current in DPV Grid Power Transformers
Eddy Current and Stray Loss Calculations of DPV Grid Power Transformers
Design Considerations: Inside/Outside Windings for a DPV Grid Power Transformer
Special Tests Consideration for a DPV Grid Power Transformer
Safety Protection Related to Public Caused by DPV Grid Transformers
Shipping and Dispatch Considerations for a DPV Grid Power Transformer

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Hemchandra Madhusudan Shertukde holds a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, as well as an MS and Ph.D in electrical engineering with a specialty in controls and systems engineering from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA. Currently, he is professor of electrical and computer engineering for the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) at University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA. He was also senior lecturer at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), New Haven, Connecticut, USA. The principal inventor of two commercialized patents, he has published several journal articles and written two solo books.

Dr. Shertukde is the recipient of the 2017 IEEE EAB/SA Standards Education Award, 2017 IEEE-PES CT Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award, and the 2016 IEEE Award as the Chair of the Working Group C.5.159. He continues to be in leadership positions for several other Working Groups enabling IEEE-TC to publish different standards and User's Guides for Electrical Power Transformers.


"Mr. Shertukde has taken the typical jargon and simplified it, allowing even the newcomer to get acquainted with the subject matter. Transformers as a science can be complicated enough and applying them to a fast-growing field to support the photovoltaic industry creates additional challenges. This book helps to clearly expose some of these challenges and guides the designer, developer, and even the end user to ask the right questions."
—Vladimir Gulkarov, Director of Engineering, Smiths Power, Santa Ana, California, USA

"An important feature of this book is the breadth of topics covered regarding issues related to DPV-GT design considerations … The author has gathered knowledge from a variety of industry standards and technical project reports, compiled and presented it in a concise and easy to read form. The book presents a comprehensive look into design, safety and protection issues related to DPV-GTs. This book should appeal to both practicing power/utility Engineers as well as students of power systems."
—Ajit Thatte, Formerly CEO Enkay Technologies ( India) Ltd. Presently Independent Management Consultant & Visiting Faculty to Management Institutes

"This pioneering book is focusing on design, manufacture, application and operation of the distributed photovoltaic grid transformers (DPV-GTs). … With rapidly developing solar-based power generation this work is an important contribution to the efforts to deliver engineering solutions for the photovoltaic grid.
—Waldemar Ziomek, CG Power Systems Canada Inc

"This book is very timely in describing and addressing assortment of engineering issues which can impact overall performance and eventually the cost of emerging technology."
—Dr Ripudaman Singh, Technology and Innovation Coach