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    Simulation is a multi-disciplinary field, and significant simulation research is dispersed across multiple fields of study. Distributed computer systems, software design methods, and new simulation techniques offer synergistic multipliers when joined together in a distributed simulation. Systems of most interest to the simulation practitioner are often the most difficult to model and implement.
    Distributed Simulation brings together the many complex technologies for distributed simulation. There is strong emphasis on emerging simulation methodologies, including object-oriented, multilevel, and multi-resolution simulation. Finally, one concise text provides a strong foundation for the development of high fidelity simulations in heterogeneous distributed computing environments!

    Fundamentals of Simulation
    Systems Analysis
    Types of Data
    Probability and Statistics
    Random Variable Distributions
    Continuous Distributions
    Discrete Distributions
    Statistical Inference
    Random Sampling
    Higher Order Moments and Moment Generating Functions
    The Distribution of X
    Confidence Intervals
    Hypothesis Testing
    Distribution Suitability
    System Modeling
    Verification and Validation
    Distributed Systems
    Overview of Parallel and Distributed Systems
    Models for Distributed Systems and Services
    Distributed Databases
    Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems
    Implementing Distributed Systems
    The Object-Oriented Paradigm
    Fiction and Fact Almanac
    Definition of Terms
    Classic Object Oriented Methodologies
    Applying O-O Designs to Distributed Systems
    Resolution in Simulation
    Resolution, Fidelity, and Model Simplification
    Adjusting Resolution Dynamically
    Modeling and Abstraction in Multilevel Simulation
    Multilevel Abstraction
    Aggregation and Deaggregation
    Architectural Considerations
    Environments and Languages for Distributed Simulation
    Simulation Languages
    General Purpose Languages
    Distributed Simulation Considerations
    Decomposition of a Simulation
    Time, Clocks, and Synchronization
    Logical Process Simulation
    Enabling Technologies for Distributed Simulation
    Network Simulation
    Artificial Intelligence
    Distributed Battlefield Simulation Design
    Battlefield System Analysis
    System Decomposition
    Distributed Implementation
    Employment of a Distributed Multilevel Simulation
    Each Chapter also includes a Summary, Exercises, and References.
    "…practical guide to distributed simulation…This textbook provides a strong foundation for the development of high fidelity simulation in heterogeneous distributed computing environments."
    --G. Ciobanasu, Zentralblatt MATH