1st Edition

Diverse Pursuits Essays on Drama and Theatre

By Javed Malick Copyright 2021

    The five essays in this book reflect many years of the author's sustained academic engagement with dramatic forms and traditions. The opening essay traces the historical trajectory of modern drama in Europe from its bourgeois period through the period of the liberal dissent to the more recent periods of radical alternative. The subsequent essays deal with certain specific examples of that drama in India and the West, such as Shakespeare adaptations on the Parsi theatre stage, Habib Tanvir, and Samuel Beckett. The author places each of these in a historical perspective. This approach constitutes the theoretical underpinning of the book giving cohesion to this collection of diverse essays. Although they were individually published in various journals and books in their earlier versions, they have been substantially revived and updated by the author for this volume.

    This book is co-published with Aakar Books, New Delhi. Taylor & Francis does not sell or distribute the print versions of this book in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    Introduction 1. Bourgeois Worldview and Beyond: Alternative Traditions in Modern Drama 2. Decolonialising an Imperial Icon: Shakespeare on the Parsi Urdu Stage 3. Refashioning Modernity: Habib Tanvir and His Naya Theatre 4. Trapped in Infinity: Beckett’s Waiting for Godot 5. Drama And/As Theatre: From Written Text to Performance Text


    Javed Malick is an academic and theatre scholar. He holds a Master's degree from Delhi University and a Ph.D. from McGill University. He has written and lectured extensively in India and abroad on modern drama and theatre. Among his published works are Toward a Theatre of the Oppressed: the Dramaturgy of John Arden (University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor) and an English translation of Habib Tanvir's Agra Bazaar (Seagull Books, Kolkata).