1st Edition

Diversity Without Dogma A Collaborative Approach to Leading DEI Education and Action

By Gilmore Crosby Copyright 2023
    328 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    328 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    328 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Social Scientist Kurt Lewin said, "No research without action, and no action without research." Too much of the current DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) approach is insight-based instead of action-based. Even though institutional racism is identified as the root problem, the change effort is focused on looking inward for bias instead of taking action to eliminate institutional racism and other isms. A Lewinian approach, in contrast, is balanced. What people think is important, but no more important than what people do. If you bring people together to change things, this will change what people think! We don’t need therapy nearly as much as we need action based on dialogue! Instead of spending your energy soul-searching for evidence in your thoughts and behaviors that you have unconscious biases, this book helps put your energy into doing something practical about racism.

    To get there, this book uses Lewin’s social science to build a framework for sorting through the many approaches to and positions held on race, racism, diversity, and related topics. While the framework is and must be applicable to any prejudice, systemic or individual, the bulk of this exploration is focused on racism, which to a large degree has become the primary social justice focus of our times. Painfully aware that conversations about race can easily deteriorate into polarization, the author lays a path toward finding common ground.

    Section One – Building a Foundation

    Chapter 1 - A Framework for DEI Education and Action

    Chapter 2 – Lewinian Social Science

    Chapter 3 – The Interpersonal Gap, Microaggressions & Defensiveness

    Section Two – Racism and Other Isms Are Real

    Chapter 4 – Institutional and Individual "isms" are all too often Real

    Chapter 5 – Accuracy about History: Denial is Poison

    Chapter 6 – Accuracy about Privilege & The Playing Field

    Chapter 7 – Any Prejudice begets more Prejudice

    Chapter 8 – Social Justice is Spiritual

    Section Three – It’s NOT Always About Racism

    Chapter 9 – All are Affected, All must be Invited

    Chapter 10 – Family Systems Theory, Self-Differentiation & EQ

    Chapter 11 – Conflict Beliefs and Behaviors

    Chapter 12 – Power, Authority, and Leadership

    Section Four – Leading DEI Education & Action

    Chapter 13 – Leading DEI Education

    Chapter 14 – Leading DEI Action

    Appendix A – Action Research and Minority Relations

    Appendix B – Four Key Skills

    Appendix C - DEI Behavior Description Quiz

    Appendix D – T-Groups Adapted for the Workplace

    Appendix E – KRID



    Gilmore Crosby is the president of Crosby & Associates. He has expertise in Leadership, Learning, and Organization Development. He has over three decades of experience, including management positions in five organizations. He has deep experience in facilitating performance improvement through initiatives such as coaching and team development (from upper management to the floor), process improvement, assessment methodologies (organizational, team, and individual), conflict resolution, and other OD and change management solutions. Responsible for design, development, and delivery of innovative learning solutions, ranging from individual coaching to accredited leadership development programs.