1st Edition

Divine and Human Providence Philosophical, Psychological and Theological Approaches

Edited By Ignacio Silva, Simon Kopf Copyright 2021
    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume offers an original perspective on divine providence by examining philosophical, psychological, and theological perspectives on human providence as exhibited in virtuous human behaviours. Divine providence is one of the most pressing issues in analytic theology and philosophy of religion today, especially in view of scientific evidence for a natural world full of indeterminacies and contingencies. Therefore, we need new ways to understand and explain the relations of divine providence and creaturely action.

    The volume is structured dynamically, going from chapters on human providence to those on divine providence, and back. Drawing on insights from virtue ethics, psychology and cognitive science, the philosophy of providence in the face of contingent events, and the theology of grace, each chapter contributes to an original overall perspective: that human providential action is a resource suited specifically to personal action and hence related to the purported providential action of a personal God.

    By putting forward a fresh take on divine providence, this book enters new territory on an age-old issue. It will therefore be of great interest to scholars of theology and philosophy.


    Simon Maria Kopf and Ignacio Silva

    1 Prudence and Human Providence: Love and Wisdom

    Craig Boyd

    2 The Interaction Between Human and Divine Providence

    Timothy Pawl

    3 Human Providence and Indeterminism: A Libertarian Approach

    Neal Judisch 4 Divine Providence and Natural Contingency

    Ignacio Silva

    5 Cognitive Psychology of Memory and Decision-Making and Human Providence

    Connie Svob

    6 A Child Developmental Perspective: Understanding Human and Supernatural Limitation and Providence

    Emily R.R. Burdett

    7 Providence and Predestination

    Andrew Pinsent

    8 God, Providence and Personhood

    Francisco O’Reilly

    9 Technology’s ‘Invisible Hand’?: An Account of Divine Providence and the Techno-Scientific Myth of Progress

    Michael Burdett


    Ignacio Silva is Associate Professor of Science and Theology at the Philosophy Institute, Austral University, Argentina, and an Associate Member of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford, UK.

    Simon Maria Kopf is Visiting Lecturer at the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria.