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    Considered an essential resource by many in the field, Diving and Subaquatic Medicine remains the leading text on diving medicine, written to fulfil the requirements of any general physician wishing to advise their patients appropriately when a diving trip is planned, for those accompanying diving expeditions or when a doctor is required to assess and treat anyone who has been involved in a diving accident.

    For this fifth edition the original author, Carl Edmonds, is joined by a new team of collaborators and the content has been entirely refreshed and updated throughout. Clinical cases, a feature popular with readers, are expanded, as is the illustrative content. Established and emerging diseases of diving medicine are all covered in full, as is the latest in types of diving, including free and indigenous diving, and associated equipment. Each medical disorder is discussed from a historical, etiological, clinical, pathological, preventative and therapeutic perspective in the informative and accessible style that has made previous editions so popular.

    Diving. Dysbaric Diseases: Barotraumas. Decompression Sickness. Abnormal Gas Pressures. Aquatic Disorders: The Drowning Syndromes. Other Aquatic Disorders. Specific Diving Diseases. The Diving Accident. Medical Standards for Diving. Specialized Divnig and Its Problems. Related Subject. Appendices: Decompression Tables. US Navy Recompression Therapy Tables. Recompression Therapy Options. Diving Medical Library. Diving Medical Training. Diving Medical Organizations and Contacts.


    Carl Edmonds, formerly OIC of the Royal Australian Navy Diving Medical Unit, Foundation President of the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society and Director of the Australian Diving Medical Centre, Sydney, Australia

    Michael Bennett
    , conjoint associate professor in anaesthesia and diving and hyperbaric medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

    John Lippmann, founder, chairman and director of research, DAN (Divers Alert Network) Asia-Pacific, Ashburton, Australia

    Simon J. Mitchell
    , head, Department of Anaesthesiology, University of Auckland, New Zealand; and consultant in diving and hyperbaric medicine, Slark Hyperbaric Unit, North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand