1st Edition

Divorce Mediation Perspectives on the Field

By Craig Everett Copyright 1985

    Here is an excellent introduction to and overview of the field of divorce mediation, a field that has grown rapidly and achieved a remarkable level of recognition among both the clinical and legal professions in the last decade. Divorce Mediation describes the process and some of the techniques of mediation, as well as mediation theory and training. Authorities from marriage and family therapy and law--all practicing mediators--address the ability of women to negotiate for themselves in mediation, describe several approaches to handling custody issues, and discuss several challenging issues facing the profession, including who should practice mediation, what are the boundaries and ethics of practice, and how does mediation relate to the traditional disciplines of law, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work. Summaries of actual case studies are especially helpful in illustrating how mediators accomplish their negotiations.

    Contents Introduction
    • Reflections on the Growth and Significance of Divorce Mediation
    • Through an Interdisciplinary Mirror: Attorney-Therapist Similarities
    • The Present and Future Role of Higher Education in Divorce Mediation: Problems and Promise in Teaching, Research, and Service
    • Adjudication and Mediation: A Comparison of Custody Decision-Making Processes Involving Third Parties
    • Mediator’s Notebook: Reflections on Promoting Equal Empowerment and Entitlements for Women
    • The Power of Including Children in Custody Mediation
    • Family Mediation: A Descriptive Case Study
    • Technology and Mediator Training: Using Videotaping for Experiential Learning
    • Joint Custody Reconsidered: Systemic Criteria for Mediation
    • The Effect of Cooperation on Egocentrism in Divorce Mediation: A Simulation Study
    • Improving Communication in Divorce Mediation
    • The Attorney as Mediator: Handling Dual Representation of Marrying and Divorcing Couples
    • Mediation: A Method of Law and Psychology in the Netherlands


    Craig A. Everett