2nd Edition

Divorce and Separation

By Rosy Border, Jane Moir Copyright 2004

    The Pocket Lawyer series is designed for members of the public who want 'how to' guidance in situations that would normally require expert advice.

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    This book enables you to explore the options available to you when a marriage breaks down. It gives you all the information and paperwork you need, from conciliation and meditation through to separation and divorce. It provides the agreements and forms required for a mutually agreeable separation or a simple, uncontested DIY divorce. If you need to find a lawyer, Divorce and Separation will help you find one. It will also help when children are involved, offering advice on breaking the news to them and making arrangements for them.

    Welcome, Buzzwords, Frequently asked questions (FAQs), 1 Can we work it out?, 2 Is separation an option for you?, 3 Agreeing to separate, 4 Separation and children, 5 Your separation questionnaire, 6 Draft Separation Agreement, 7 You and your solicitor, 8 Emergencies: domestic violence, 9 Emergencies: going to court, 10 Legal help and public funding, 11 Divorce: how do I get one?, 12 Filling in the petition, 13 Filling in the Statement of Arrangements for Children, 14 If you are the Respondent, 15 The next stages, 16 Dividing the spoils, 17 The family home: safeguarding your rights, 18 Managing stress, 19 Children, 20 Some real life ‘behaviour’ particulars, Useful forms, Sample letters, Useful contacts, Index


    Rosy Border, Jane Moir