1st Edition

Doing Better Improving Clinical Skills and Professional Competence

Edited By Jeffrey Kottler, W. Paul Jones Copyright 2004
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    Doing Better is intended to help therapists and counselors to explore more fully and systematically the processes of self-improvement in their work and lives.

    When Therapists Supervise Themselves
    Jeffrey A. Kottler

    The Natural and Unnatural Evolution of Therapist Development
    Jeffrey A. Kottler and W. Paul Jones

    Critical Self-Monitoring
    David Shepard and Gloria Morrow

    A Syllabus for Self-Supervision
    W. Paul Jones and Robert L. Harbach

    Confronting Adversity
    Dana L. Comstock and Thelma H. Duffy

    Hasta La Vista Baby-I'm Outta Here:Dealing With Boredom
    Sherill Wiseman and Carol Scott

    Recognizing Ethnic/Racial Biases and Discriminatory Practices Through Self-Supervision
    Jesse Brinson and Jose M. Cervantes

    Self Supervision in Youth Counseling
    David Leary

    Technoconsultation:Getting Help in Far-Flung Places
    John A. Casey and W. Paul Jones

    There is no I in Self:A Discursive Approach to Self-Supervision
    Stacey L. Sinclair and Gerald Monk

    From Self-Regulation to Self-Supervision:Lessons from Sport Psychology to the Practice of Therapy
    David D. Chen and Matt Englar Carlson

    Self-Supervision in Medical Settings
    Laurie Carty and W. Paul Jones

    Licensing Boards and Continuing Professional Growth:Friend or Foe?
    Shirley Emerson and W. Paul Jones

    Therapist:Heal Thyself!
    Maryam Sayyedi and Kathy O' Byrne

    Blind Spots and Ruts in the Road:The Limits of Self-Supervision
    Leah Brew and Mike Altekruse

    Final Thoughts
    Jeffrey Kottler and W. Paul Jones


    Kottler, Jeffrey; Jones, W. Paul

    "Due to the nature of their work, most practitioners need assistance in honing their clinical skills and staying healthy. Doing Better gives practitioners just such a resource. In this volume, Kottler, Jones, and their associates provide readers with scholarly based but pragmatic ways of helping themselves and growing through their work. Thanks to this book, we now have a blueprint for developing as professionals in the best possible way." -- Samuel T. Gladding, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Counseling, Wake Forest University
    "The authors have a warm, insightful, and stimulating writing style that encourages readers to think through critical professional issues and examine their own development and practice. This book is of value to experienced counselors and therapists looking for a way to reflect on what they do and where they are going in their careers." -- James M. Benshoff, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Counseling and Educational Development, University of North Carolina at Greensboro