1st Edition

Doing News Framing Analysis Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives

Edited By Paul D'Angelo, Jim A. Kuypers Copyright 2010
    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    Doing News Framing Analysis provides an interpretive guide to news frames – what they are, how they can be observed in news texts, and how framing effects are uncovered and substantiated in cultural, group, and individual sites. Chapters feature framing analysts reflecting on their own empirical work in research, classroom, and public settings to address specific aspects of framing analysis. Taken together, the collection covers the full range of ways in which framing has been theorized and applied—across topics, sources, mechanisms, and effects.

    This volume fosters understanding among the scholarly camps of framing scholars, and encourages greater clarity from framing analysts in all aspects of their empirical inquiry. Chapters offer fresh perspectives from which researchers can begin new research programs, puzzle through perplexing problems in a current research program, or expand an existing program. Providing conceptual and methodological guidance, Doing News Framing Analysis will help framing researchers at all levels to better understand news framing and to improve their future news framing research.

    Foreword by James N. Druckman

    1. Doing News Framing Analysis -- Paul D’Angelo & Jim A. Kuypers

    Part 1: Perspectives on Frame Building and Frame Definition

    2. Finding Frames in a Web of Culture: The Case of the War on Terror -- Stephen D. Reese

    3. Knowledge Into Action: Framing the Debates Over Climate Change and Poverty -- Matthew C. Nisbet

    4. Strategies to Take Subjectivity Out of Framing Analysis -- Baldwin Van Gorp

    5. Of Spreading Activation, Applicability, and Schemas: Conceptual Distinctions and Their Operational Implications for Measuring Frames and Framing Effects -- Bertram T. Scheufele & Dietram A. Scheufele

    6. The Oppositional Framing of Bloggers -- Stephen D. Cooper

    Part II: Perspectives on Framing Effects

    7. Studying the Effects of Issue Framing on Public Opinion About Policy Issues: Does What We See Depend on How We Look? -- Paul R. Brewer & Kimberly Gross

    8. Framing the Economy: Effects of Journalistic News Frames -- Claes de Vreese

    9. Specificity, Complexity, and Validity: Rescuing Experimental Research on Framing Effects -- Dhavan V. Shah, Michael P. Boyle, Mike Schmierbach, Heejo Keum, & Cory L. Armstrong

    10. Framing the Pictures in Our Heads: Exploring the Framing and Agenda-Setting Effects of Visual Images -- Renita Coleman

    Part III: Theoretical Integration in News Framing Analysis

    11. Researching Political News Framing: Established Ground and New Horizons -- Regina G. Lawrence

    12. Framing Analysis From a Rhetorical Perspective -- Jim A. Kuypers

    13. Framing Through a Feminist Lens: A Tool in Support of an Activist Research Agenda -- Marie Hardin & Erin Whiteside

    14. Framing Media Power -- Robert M. Entman

    15. Conclusion: Arriving at the Horizons of News Framing Analysis-- Paul D’Angelo


    D'Angelo, Paul; Kuypers, Jim A.

    "While some academics consider the framing concept past its prime, this volume shows how vibrant, diverse, and global framing research is. Conceptual tensions, the interplay between different actors’ frames, frames in the new and platform driven media landscape, and comparative challenges. All these fundamental perspectives areaddressed in this monumental and timely collection. A must read."

    –Claes de Vreese, Ph.D. Professor of Political Communication, University of Amsterdam.

    "Paul D’Angelo puts on a command performance as editor, assembling a world-class team of researchers who make a definitive statement about how news framing research ought to be conducted—and the issues that arise in examining the lenses through which journalists produce news to an awaiting world. Part reflection on the craft of media research, part empirical demonstration, equal measures insightful, Doing Framing Analysis II should be on the shelf of every serious analyst of news."

    – Erik P. Bucy, Marshall and Sharleen Formby Regents Professor of Strategic Communication, Texas Tech University