1st Edition

Dolphin Cognition and Behavior A Comparative Approach

    412 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Published in 1986, Dolphin Cognition and Behavior is a valuable contribution to the field of Cognitive Psychology.

    I: Brain And Senses Of Dolphins; 1: Evolutionary Morphology of the Dolphin Brain; 2: Physiological Observations on Dolphin Brains; 3: Middle- and Long-Latency Auditory Event-Related Potentials in Dolphins; 4: Vision, Audition, and Chemoreception in Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals; 5: Dolphin Audition and Echolocation Capacities; II: Cognition And Intelligence Of Dolphins; 6: The Perceptual Worlds of Dolphins; 7: How Can You Tell if an Animal is Intelligent?; 8: Describing Intelligence; 9: Suggestions for Research on Ethological and Comparative Cognition; 10: Cognition and Language Competencies of Bottlenosed Dolphins; 11: Reinforcement Training as Interspecies Communication; 12: Dolphin Behavior and Cognition: Evolutionary and Ecological Aspects; III: Communication In Dolphins; 13: Dolphin Vocal Mimicry and Vocal Object Labeling; 14: Acquisition of Anomalous Communicatory Systems: Implications for Studies on Interspecies Communication; 15: Awareness, Intentionality, and Acquired Communicative Behaviors: Dimensions of Intelligence; 16: Signaling Behavior: Contributions of Different Repertoires; IV: Social Behavior And Foraging Strategies Of Dolphins; 17: Delphinid Social Organization and Social Behavior; 18: Delphinid Foraging Strategies; 19: Social Complexity and Cooperative Behavior in Delphinids


    F. G. Wood, R. J. Schusterman, J. A. Thomas, Ronald Schusterman