2nd Edition

Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice

By Lee E. Ross Copyright 2025
    286 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    286 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice offers readers an overview of domestic violence and its effects on society, including what can be done to curtail its rapid growth and widespread harm. Geared toward the criminal justice system, this newly revised and updated edition focuses on civil and criminal justice processes, from securing a restraining order to completing an arrest, to the final disposition.

    Fostering critical thinking in readers, the book covers the extent and nature of domestic violence and intimate partner violence (IPV) in its many forms and delves into the systemic responses to such violence during the COVID-19 era. Going beyond exploring the reactive efforts of policing and prosecution, this edition offers an expanded emphasis on the underpinnings and effectiveness of prevention and intervention, including data on the operations and challenges of domestic violence shelters, and a much-needed focus on victim services, victim advocacy, and social work involvement.

    This text is ideal for courses in criminal justice, criminology, social work, and sociology. Students will find this text readable, up-to-date, and rich in historical detail. 


    Part 1: The Extent of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence         

    Chapter 1: Domestic Violence: A Global Phenomenon

    Chapter 2: Measuring Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence    

    Chapter 3: Historical Overview of Domestic Violence

    Chapter 4: Theories of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence                  

    Part 2: The Nature of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence          

    Chapter 5: A Lifetime of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

    Chapter 6: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Up Close and Personal

    Chapter 7: Intimate Partner Violence within the LGBT+Q Community

    Chapter 8: Victim Services and Domestic Violence Shelters.

    Part 3: Systems’ Responses to Domestic Violence         

    Chapter 9:  Policing Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

    Chapter 10: Domestic Violence During the Era of COVID-19

    Chapter 11: Prosecuting Intimate Partner Violence

    Chapter 12: Prevention is Better than Cure

    Appendix A: National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 2016 by The President of The United States of America    

    Appendix B: A Resource Guide for the Elderly    

    Appendix C: Mandatory Arrest Policy in Action: The State of Wisconsin   

    Appendix D: National Programs Involved in the Prevention of Domestic Violence   

    Appendix E: Films that Feature Domestic Violence    

    Glossary of Common Terms Related to Domestic Violence


    Lee E. Ross is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida (UCF). A graduate of Rutgers University, his research interests span a variety of areas, from seminal work on religion and social control theory to more recent explorations of Combining Elements of Batterers Intervention with Alcoholics Anonymous. As editor of Music Lyrics and Domestic Violence: The Soundtracks of Our Lives (2022), his scholarship can be found in a variety of academic journals, including Justice Quarterly, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Crime and Justice, and the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, among others. The recipient of various teaching awards, Ross is a former Provost Fellow and Coordinator of the Public Affairs Doctoral Program at UCF. Ross spent several years as a group facilitator to a batterer’s intervention program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has served as an expert witness in domestic violence cases. Dr. Ross is also featured in the recent film documentary Confessions of the Interrogation Room that examines intimate partner homicide.

    “Lee Ross offers a much-needed comprehensive overview of the social scientific literature on one of the world’s most compelling social problems. His offering is a valuable resource for students, researchers, teachers, policy makers, and practitioners. Much can be learned from reading this book and it is destined to be widely read and cited.”

    Walter S. DeKeseredy, West Virginia University  

    “Lee Ross has written another comprehensive and well-researched book, setting forth a national and local history of domestic violence. In Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice, Ross theorizes about the causes of domestic violence, police and judicial responses, and its dynamics within the LGBT+Q Community. More importantly, he addresses the process and goal of prevention. Without question, this book captures readers’ attention, enabling them to recognize, intervene, and prevent various forms of domestic violence.”

    Judith L. Kinney, Attorney and Former Chief of Public Defenders, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida   

    "Dr. Lee Ross's Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System is a comprehensive textbook that explores the multifaceted issues surrounding domestic violence from prevention to systems responses. With clarity and breadth, this new edition examines the intricate dynamics of domestic violence across marginalized groups and offers students a thorough understanding of the legal, social, and psychological dimensions of domestic violence. This text will equip students pursuing studies in criminology, sociology, law, and social work with the foundational knowledge needed to address this pressing societal concern."

    Bethany L. Backes, PhD, University of Central Florida