1st Edition

Domestic Violence

Edited By Michael Freeman Copyright 2008

    Domestic violence - domestic hooliganism it has been called - is one of the cancers of our age. This volume offers a challenging selection of materials as a picture of a multi-faceted problem. The issues embraced range from criminal and civil law responses and the value of mediation, to the impact on children, and to the cultural context. The materials are derived from a variety of sources and from different disciplines to offer the reader an understanding of the problem not easily culled from standard library resources.

    Contents: Series preface; Introduction; Part I Definition: Definitional issues in violence against women. Surveillance and research from a violence research perspective, Malcolm Gordon; Women's violence to men in intimate relations. Working on a puzzle, Russell P. Dobash and R. Emerson Dobash. Part II Research and Violence Against Women: New survey methodologies in researching violence against women, Sylvia Walby and Andrew Myhill; Violence against women research post VAWA: where have we been, where are we going?, Angela M. Moore Parmley; Theorizing about violence: observations from the economic and social research council’s violence research program Elizabeth A. Stanko. Part III The Justice Response: Intimate partner violence and the justice system, Carol E. Jordan; Law as a Trojan horse: unintended consequences of rights-based interventions to support battered women, Renée Römkens; Protection, prevention, rehabilitation or justice? Women's use of the law to challenge domestic violence, R. Lewis, R.P. Dobash, R.E. Dobash and K. Cavanagh; Justice from the victim's perspective, Judith Lewis Herman. Part IV The Criminal Law: Magistrates' attitudes to domestic violence and sentencing options, Elizabeth Gilchrist and Jacqueline Blisset; Evaluating criminal justice interventions for domestic violence, R. Emerson Dobash and Russell P. Dobash; Police response to domestic violence: from victim choice to victim empowerment?, Carolyn Hoyle and Andrew Sanders. Part V A Human Rights Question: Domestic violence as a human rights issue, Dorothy Q. Thomas and Michele E. Beasley; Righting domestic violence, Shazia Choudhry and Jonathan Herring. Part VI Coping, Staying, Leaving: Violence against women: conditions, consequences and coping, Rebecca Löbmann, Werner Greve, Peter Wetzels and Christiane Bosold; When ending the relationship doesn't end the violence: women's experiences of violence by former partners, Ruth E. Fleury, Cris M. Sullivan and Deborah I. Bybee. Part VII Medi


    Michael Freeman is Professor of English Law at University College London. His research interests are in cultural pluralism in particular in relation to the rights of children and in medical ethics particularly in relation to medically assisted reproduction.He has published in the areas of Family Law, Child Law and Policy, Children's Rights, Medicine, Ethics and the Law and Medical Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory. He is the author of over 40 books, editor of a large number of international journals and a Fellow of the British Academy.

    'This book offers a major contribution to Domestic Violence by bringing together a varied literature in a focused manner...' British Journal of Criminology 'strongly recommended' Social Policy