1st Edition

Domesticating Geopolitics

Edited By Sean Carter, Tara Woodyer Copyright 2024

    This book explores the ways in which the study of the domestic and the international, far from being separate spheres, are in fact woven together in multiple ways. The chapters in this volume seek to question this traditional domestic/international binary and approach their entanglement through a range of different empirical settings and methodological approaches.

    Inspired by a recent turn towards recognising the importance of the home, the intimate, and the everyday in the construction of geopolitical worlds, this book captures a broad range of agents, practices, objects, performativities and discourses that contribute to how geopolitics is rendered familiar, sanitised, embodied and enacted, and the ways in which ‘the home’ and the ‘traditional’ terrain of the geopolitical (the international sphere) are in fact folded into each other in multiple ways.

    Domesticating Geopolitics will be of great use to students and researchers interested in geography and politics including popular geopolitics and human geography. This book was originally published as a special issue of Geopolitics.

    Introduction: Domesticating Geopolitics
    Sean Carter and Tara Woodyer

    1. Domesticating the Geopolitical: Rethinking Popular Geopolitics through Play
    Tara Woodyer and Sean Carter

    2. Ephemera(l) Geopolitics: The Material Cultures of British Military Recruitment
    Matthew F. Rech

    3. Figurations of Wounding: Soldiers’ Bodies, Authority, and the Militarisation of Everyday Life
    Leila Dawney

    4. Violence, the Body and the Spaces of Intimate War
    Jo Little

    5. Familial geopolitics and ontological security: intergenerational relations, migration and minority youth (in)securities in Scotland
    Kate Botterill, Peter Hopkins and Gurchathen Sanghera

    6. Domesticating Geopolitics: reflections
    Jo Sharp


    Sean Carter is Associate Professor in Political Geography at the University of Exeter. His work on the relationship between geopolitics and visual culture has been published in leading international journals.

    Tara Woodyer is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Portsmouth. Her research on the intersections between cultural/political geographies and children's lives has been published in leading international journals.