1st Edition

Donald Davidson Truth, Meaning and Knowledge

Edited By Ursula M. Zeglen Copyright 1999
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Donald Davidson has made enormous contributions to the philosophy of action, epistemology, semantics and philosophy of mind and today is recognized as one of the most important analytical philosophers of the late twentieth century.
    Donald Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge addresses
    * Davidson's writings on epistemology and theory of language with their implications of ontology and philosophy of mind
    * the central issue of whether truth is the ultimate goal of enquiry, challenged by contributions from Richard Rorty and Paul Horwich
    * Davidson's approach to semantics and applied linguistics as addressed by Kirk Ludwig, Gabriel Segal, Peter Pagin, Stephen Neale, Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore and Reinaldo Elugardo
    * Davidson's advances in the philosophy of mind in relation to the views of Williard V. Quine, John McDowell and Peter F. Strawson, in essays by Roger Gibson and Anita Avramides

    Acknowledgements Introduction to Reading Davidson Kirk Ludwig and Urszula M. Zeglen I. Polemics 1. Is Truth a Goal Enquiry? Discussion with Rorty Donald Davidson 2. Davidson on Deflationism Paul Horwich II. Meaning, Truth and Interpretation 3. Theories of Meaning, Truth and Interpretation Kirk Ludwig Reply to Kirk Ludwig Donald Davidson 4. How Can a Truth Do Duty as a Theory of Meaning? Gabriel Segal Reply to Gabriel Segal ^Donald Davidson 5. Radical Interpretation and Compositional Structure Peter Pagin Reply to Peter Pagin Donald Davidson III. Semantics and Its Application 6. From Semantics to Ontology, via Truth, Reference and Quantification Stephen Neale Reply to Stephen Neale Donald Davidson 7. Semantics for Quotation Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore Reply to Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore Donald Davidson 8. Samesaying Reinaldo Elugardo Reply to Reinaldo Elugardo Donald Davidson IV. Knowledge and Mind 9. McDowell on Quine, Davidson, and Epistemology Roger F. Gibson Reply to Roger Gibson Donald Davidson 10. Davidson and the New Sceptical Problem Anita Avramides Reply to Anita Avramides Donald Davidson Bibliography Indexes


    Urszula M. Zeglen