1st Edition

Dosimetry in Bioelectromagnetics

Edited By Marko Markov Copyright 2017
    444 Pages
    by CRC Press

    444 Pages 129 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Dosimetry refers to the calculation and assessment of the radiation dose received by the human body. The proposed book will place emphasis on the existence of physical and biophysical dosimetry. It will be discussed for the proper description and evaluation of the signal at the power generation system. It will cover in detail 10 different parameters of EMF (electromagnetism) exposure such as amplitude, frequency, vector, time of exposure, orientation, etc. In most published papers, these parameters are not well defined.

    Physical Dynamics: The Base for the Development of Biophysical Treatments. Dose and Exposure in Bioelectromagnetics. Physical Aspects of Radio-Frequency Radiation Dosimetry. Uncertainty Sources Associated With Low Frequency Electric And Magnetic Field Experiments On Cell Cultures. Necessary Characteristics of Quality Bioelectromagnetic Experimental Research. External Electric and Magnetic Fields as a Signaling Mechanism for Biological Systems. Duration of Exposure and Dose in Assessing Non-Thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves. Practical Principles of Dosimetry in Studying Biological Effects of Extremely High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. Dosimetry in Electroporation Based Technologies and Treatments. Quantifying In Bioelectromagnetics. Blood and Vascular Targets for Magnetic Field Dosing. Methodology of Standards Development for EMF RF in Russia and By International Commissions: Distinctions in Approaches. The Intracellular Signaling System Controlling Cell Hydration as a Biomarker for EMF Dosimetry. Clinical Dosimetry of ELF PEMFS. Enhancement of Nerve Regeneration by Selected EMF Signals. The Conundrum of Dosimetry.


    Dr. Marko S. Markov is a long established and highly respected researcher in electromagnetic forces related to the body and biomedical systems. He has taught at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Moscow State University. He is the Editor/Author of three other books in the field, along with authoring over 100 referred papers in this area of study.