1st Edition

DownWRITE Funny Using Students' Love of the Ridiculous to Build Serious Writing Skills (Grades 7-12)

By Randy Larson Copyright 1997
    126 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    DownWRITE Funny teaches all kinds of good “stuff” about writing but in an unusual way—by appealing to young people's love of the ridiculous. Using an unusual blend of zany illustrations and “out there” writing assignments, the author leads students through a wide range of lessons and activities that will help them become better writers.

    Subjects range from the basic (avoiding sentence fragments and run-ons), to the practical (using transitions), to the more advanced (writing in active voice). All activities include wonderfully challenging and funny writing assignments that will stretch students' minds and help them learn important lessons about writing.

    Grades 7-12

    Avoiding Sentence Fragments Fragment Frustration Complete Thoughts Avoiding Run-on Sentences No Jamming No Jumbling Starting and Stopping Using Active Voice Straightforward and Simple Active and Clear To the Point Writing for a Purpose On Purpose A Goal in Mind No Accidents Being Aware of Audience The Changing Audience Working Together Just the “Write” Magazine Matching Tone and Purpose Revealing Attitude The Writer’s Attitude Diplomacy Counts Using Transitions Smoothing the Way Smooth Connections Tied Up Connecting with Pronouns Three in One Using Specific Words In Focus “Uncool “Awesome” Isn’t Good Enough Using Similes and Metaphors Simple Similes Metaphorically Speaking Using Details to Create a Word Picture Word Magic Getting Rid of the Gray Face It Appealing to the Senses Common Sense Virtual Reality Generic Images Using Details to Create a Mood Details for Atmosphere Describing Logically Focal Points Focus Attention Step by Step Avoiding Clutter Too Much of a Good Thing Description Out of Whack Overdone Avoiding Overblown Language Plain Silly Big Words—Little Meaning Picking a Perspective It All Depends Who’s Talking Showing Instead of Telling Description in Motion Keep It Moving Cause and Effect Answer Keys


    Randy Larson grew up in Michigan and now lives in the small town of Gillette, Wyoming, with his wife Judy and their son Gabriel. He has taught English, grades 7-12, for over 25 years.