1st Edition

Drink An Economic and Social Study

By Hermann Levy Copyright 1951

    Originally published in 1951, this title was the last book by Hermann Levy who died in 1949 before it was finished. Completed by his friend and fellow academic Rolf P. Lynton, this title looks alcohol as a drink, both economically and socially. Divided into three parts – in brief: what is the drink problem and what are its effects; how widespread is its incidence; and what can be done about it. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    Editor’s Preface.  Part One: The Anatomy of the Problem  1. Medico-Social Aspects  2. The Drinking Habit  3. Some Social Implications  4. Complexity and Severity: Some Case Evidence  Part Two: The Extent of the Problem  5. Scope and Method of Statistical Enquiry  6. Statistical Analysis  7. The Scope for Reduction  Part Three: The Abatement of Drinking: Action and Counteraction  8. Moderating Influences and Counter-Attraction  9. The Temperance Movement  10. The Scope of Legislation  11. The Maintenance of ‘Good Order’  12. Licensing and the Superfluity of Outlets  13. The Power of the Trade  14. The Policy of the Trade  15. Lines of Action.  Index.


    Hermann Levy