1st Edition

Driving Airline Business Strategies through Emerging Technology

By Nawal K. Taneja Copyright 2002

    In the rapidly evolving airline industry, new technologies play an increasingly critical role in the delivery of real and perceived value in reducing costs, enhancing revenue, and improving customer service and customer safety/security. This book focuses at a senior executive level, examining the key forces affecting the airline business and their potential in terms of short and long-term strategies. The author discusses the role of emerging technology on the airline industry, defined very broadly and including computers, information, databases, aircraft, telecommunications, Internet, wireless, speech recognition, face recognition, etc. His argument is that technology should not only be an enabler of business strategy but crucially the driver of business strategy. The central theme is the vital interaction between technology and business strategy across a wide spectrum of functions - executives sharing their insights of what is needed in terms of revolutions in consumers, technologies, and productivities. What has held airlines back are not so much legacy systems but legacy mindsets, organizational structures and processes, as well as the intelligent selection, investments, and implementation of value-adding technologies. The book is the outcome of the author's own experience while working with a number of airlines and his participation in many discussions with practitioners in the airline and technology firms.

    Contents: Challenges Driven by the Changing Airline Customer and Industry Dynamics: The changing airline customer; Industry dynamics. Opportunities Driven by Emerging Technology: Operational planning; Products development; Airline profitability measurements. Market Segmentation and Customer Relationship Management: Market segmentation; Customer relationship management. E-Business and its Application to Airlines: Overview of E-Business; Key drivers of E-Business. Opportunities Driven by Emerging Aircraft Technology: Long-haul international markets; Regional markets; Personal transportation. Forces Transforming the Air Cargo Market: Changing needs of shippers; Evolving industry structure; Bridling technology to redefine the air cargo market. Business Structures and Processes to Capitalize on Emerging Technology: Vision and role of technology; Business philosophies, structures, and systems. A Call for Action: Index.


    Taneja, Nawal K.

    ’Nawal Taneja has produced a thought-provoking text that lays out the key developments in bridging the gap between fast-moving technology and business strategies. Highly relevant and essential reading for decision-makers in the airline industry.’ Professor Paul Clark, General Manager Marketing Development and Training, Airbus, France. ’This book provides state-of-the-art thinking on issues faced by airlines that are touched by technology. Nawal Taneja has distilled thoughts from leaders of airlines, aerospace manufacturers, technology firms, consultancies etc. to provide a high-level list of issues no airline CEO can ignore today to be prepared for tomorrow's competitive landscape.’ Michael Beckmann, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants ’...compelling reading...a useful reference book or guide for someone engaged in this field.’ The Aerospace Professional, October 2002 '...an excellent overview of the changing face of the airline consumer...inspiring for its common-sense approach' M2 Best Books ’...helps the reader answer the question, should business strategy drive technology strategy or should technology drive business strategy?.' Aviation Week & Space Technology