Drought draws together contributions from over 75 leading international researchers in the field to present the most comprehensive body of research on the physical and social dimensions of drought to date. Including an extensive range of case-studies covering the most drought-prone and most affected countries, the contributors examine new technology, planning methodologies and mitigation actions from recent drought experiences worldwide.
    Following a discussion of the critical concepts of drought, the work is divided into the following additional parts:
    · causes and predictability
    · monitoring and early warning techniques
    · impacts and assessment methodologies
    · links between drought and other global issues
    · conclusions and future challenges

    1. Backgrounds and Concepts
    2. Causes and Predictability
    3. Monitoring and Early Warning Techniques
    4. Impacts and Assessment
    5. Adjustment and Adaptation Strategies
    6. Drought Management: Mitigation, Preparedness and Policy
    7. Linking Drought to Other Global Issues
    8. Conclusions and Future Challenges


    Donald A. Wilhite

    '...another tour-de-force that must make these volumes landmarks in their field' - Journal of Meteorology