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    Drucker on Asia is written in two parts (Times of Challenge & Time to Reinvent) which is the result of a dialogue between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi on international themes. Drucker On Asia is the result of extensive dialogue between two of the world's leading business figures, Peter F Drucker and Isao Nakauchi. Their dialogue considers the changes occuring in the economic world today and identifies the challenges that free markets and free enterprises now face with specific reference to China and Japan. * What do these economic changes mean for an individual country and its economy? * What do these changes mean to Japan? * What do these changes mean to society; the individual company; the individual professional and executive? These are the questions that Drucker and Nakauchi address in their brilliant insight into the future economic role of Asia.

    Times of challenge: The challenges of China;The challenges of a borderless world; The challenges of the 'knowledge society; The challenges for entrepreneurship and innovation; Time to reinvent: Reinventing the individual; Reinventing business; Reinventing society; Reinventing government.


    Peter F. Drucker, Isao Nakauchi

    'The idea alone is good: two old men, the American management guru Peter F. Drucker and the Japanese tycoon Isao Nakauchi, enter into a dialogue. The book that emerges from this is even better......Drucker knows so much, and views the economic situation more from the outside. Nakauchi can do so much, which means of course that he is right in the thick of it. An ideal mix for all future entrepreneurs, as the founders of tomorrow must achieve both: theoretical reflection and hands-on creativity.'
    Manager, October 1996

    'Peter Drucker was the first of the analytical futurists and the first of the management philosophers. And for me he is still the best.'
    Wall Street Journal

    'His breadth of vision, his internationalism and his sober realism combine to make his analysis of the present and predictions about the future gripping.'
    The Economist

    '...Drucker, the most enduring management thinker of our time.'
    Business Week

    '...it would be difficult to overestimate his contribution to management thinking.'
    Financial Times