1st Edition

Drug Testing in Hair

Edited By Pascal Kintz Copyright 1996

    Drug Testing in Hair is the first book on this timely and controversial topic. The book's purpose is to validate hair testing as an accepted form of evidence for use in courts and elsewhere, such as the military and the workplace. This volume presents the most recent experiments and clinical applications to provide missing information and insight into the unanswered questions of hair testing.

    Active researchers working in hair testing have contributed chapters to this book. New data, never before published, are incorporated into the text, so the reader receives cutting-edge information from experts in the field. This is must-have information on everything you need to know about drug testing in hair.

    Introduction, I. Sunshine
    Technical and Legal Aspects of Drugs of Abuse Testing in Hair, M.A. Huestis
    Environmental Exposure - The Stumbling Block of Hair Testing, D.A. Kidwell and D.L. Blank
    The Potential for Bias in Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse, E.J. Cone and R. Joseph, Jr.
    The Analytical Tools for Hair Testing, M.R. Moeller and H. Eser
    Importance of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) in Hair Analysis, C. Staub, P. Edder, and J.-L. Veuthey
    Determinations of Cocaine and Opioids in Hair, D. Garside and B.A. Goldberger
    Cannabis and Amphetamine Determination in Human Hair, V. Cirimele
    Unusual Drugs in Hair, A. Tracqui
    Forensic Applications of Hair Analysis, H. Sachs
    Hair Analysis for Organic Analytes: Methodology, Reliability Issues, and Field Studies, W.A. Baumgartner and V. Hill
    Clinical Applications of Hair Analysis, P. Kintz
    Drug Analyses in Nonhead Hair, P. Mangin


    Pascal Kintz

    "This hard cover book presents an assessment of the state of the art in hair testing procedures and issues. …the book content is divided between analytical and interpretive issues and presents an excellent review in both these areas. Copious references are included with each chapter. Many of the authors of this book are well known in the field of forensic toxicology and represent an almost even split between European and American contributors. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the field of hair analysis in particular, or the detection of drugs of abuse in general…"
    - Brian Perrigo, CR. Eddie Engineering Inc., in Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal