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Drugs, Crime and Society

About the Series

This new series will be a natural home for research on the topic of drugs and crime and the role of drugs in society. Bringing together original, innovative and topical books that aim to showcase cutting edge theory and empirical research, it will serve as a focal point around which the field can continue to develop and flourish. Welcoming both monographs and edited volumes, the series will serve as an outlet for exceptional early career researchers, established scholars and productive collaborations between those working in the field, across the globe.

The series will be broad in scope, in recognition of the diverse nature of research that is undertaken relating to drugs, policy and social responses to their use. Any book which has drugs and/or associated issues as its central focus and seeks to situate this in relation to crime and criminal justice will be considered, as will work that broadly considers drug policy. Methodologically the series is open to, and actively encourages, a diverse range of approaches. This could include ethnographies, policy analysis, rigorous quantitative studies, realist methods, media and textual analysis, mixed methods approaches and theoretical work. Aiming to be international in focus, with books in the series providing a range of theoretical, methodological and thematic issues, the knowledge generated should be diverse, novel and intellectually stimulating. A wide advisory board will encompass a range of academics, who will be able to provide expert insight into the variety of proposals.

The key market of this book series will be those specifically interested in the area of drugs, crime and criminal justice, but many of the books may also be of wider interest to those interested in criminological and/or sociological theory more generally. Additionally, books may likely be of interest and use to a range of organisations and practitioners, including policy makers, criminal justice officials, campaign groups, think tanks and those working with people who use drugs.

To submit a proposal or to enquire about the series please contact the Editor, Lydia de Cruz ([email protected])

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Cuckoo Land The Cuckooing Risk Environment

Cuckoo Land: The Cuckooing Risk Environment

1st Edition


By Jack Spicer
July 03, 2024

Drawing on rich qualitative data, this book presents a novel way of understanding the drug market-related harm of ‘cuckooing’, providing a theoretically informed account of this increasingly high-profile area. Applying the framework of the ‘risk environment’, the book examines why people become ...

The Cannabis Social Club

The Cannabis Social Club

1st Edition

Edited By Mafalda Pardal
January 29, 2024

As cannabis legalization reforms are underway, there is some concern that non-profit, ‘middle ground’ options may remain under-researched and thus less visible. This book offers an in-depth account of one of the possible ‘middle ground’ models for the supply of cannabis: the Cannabis Social Club. ...

Towards Drug Policy Justice Harm Reduction, Human Rights and Changing Drug Policy Contexts

Towards Drug Policy Justice: Harm Reduction, Human Rights and Changing Drug Policy Contexts

1st Edition

Edited By Damon Barrett, Rick Lines
December 19, 2023

Taking the shifting global drug policy terrain as a starting point, this collection moves beyond debates about whether to reform drug policies to a focus on delivering ‘drug policy justice’ – repairing the damage caused by the war on drugs as a component of reform efforts and safeguarding against ...

Mexico’s Drug-Related Violence

Mexico’s Drug-Related Violence

1st Edition

By Omar Camarillo
August 10, 2023

This book explores and explains how traditional and alternative media have framed the issues of gun trafficking into Mexico, drug-related violence, and spillover violence. It reveals how gun trafficking and drug-related violence are social problems for Mexico, while spillover violence is portrayed ...

Cannabis Criminology

Cannabis Criminology

1st Edition

By Johannes Wheeldon, Jon Heidt
December 30, 2022

Cannabis Criminology explores the prohibition, decriminalization, and liberalization of cannabis policy through the lens of criminological and sociological theory, essential concepts, and cannabis research. It does so by focusing on five thematic areas: law, society, and social control; police and ...

Disneyization of Drug Use Understanding Atypical Intoxication in Party Zones

Disneyization of Drug Use: Understanding Atypical Intoxication in Party Zones

1st Edition

By Tim Turner
December 30, 2022

Disneyization of Drug Use offers an innovative, ground-up understanding of the atypical patterns of illegal drug use that often permeate multi-day party zones such as nightlife tourist resorts and music festivals. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted over three summers in Ibiza, the book ...

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