1st Edition

Drugs and Crime Volume II

Edited By Mangai Natarajan Copyright 2010
    510 Pages
    by Routledge

    Despite twenty years of research, it is still debated whether drug dependency leads to crime, or whether involvement in crime increases the probability of drug dependency. This is because the relationship between drugs and crime is mediated by a great many variables, including the nature of the drugs, the user's degree of dependency on drugs, the life circumstances of the user, the social conditions under which the drugs are used, the laws governing obtaining and using drugs, social tolerance of drug use, availability of drug treatment programs, and so forth. This volume covers the many ways in which drugs and crime could be related that encompass and extend beyond the simple causal link between drug dependency and crime. It also reviews the main kinds of drug-related crimes and considers research that could help viable policy interventions.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I The Drugs-Crime Connection: 1. Drug Abuse and Crime: Drugs and crime revisited, Scott Menard, Sharon Mihalic and David Huizinga; Addiction careers and criminal specialization, David Farabee, Vandana Joshi and M. Douglas Anglin; The relationship between drug use and crime: a puzzle inside an enigma, Mark Simpson; The association between multiple drug misuse and crime, Trevor Bennett and Katy Holloway; The 3-metros study of drugs and crime in South Africa: findings and policy implications, Charles D.H. Parry, Andreas Plüddemann, Antoinette Louw and Ted Leggett. 2. Drug Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency: Testing a longitudinal model of the relationships among high risk youths' drug sales, drug use and participation in index crimes, Richard Dembo, Werner Wothke, William Seeberger, Marina Shemwell, Kimberly Pacheco, Matthew Rollie, James Schmeidler, Stephen Livingston and Amy Hartsfield; Antisocial behavior among young Australians while under the influence of illicit drugs, Ian McAllister and Toni Makkai; The effects of substance use on specific types of criminal offending in young men, John W. Welte, Lening Zhang and William F. Wieczorek; Aggressive behavior and opportunities to purchase drugs, Marsha F. Rosenberg and James C. Anthony. 3. Drug Abuse, Violence and Victimization: Methamphetamine use, self-reported violent crime and recidivism among offenders in California who abuse substances, Jerome Cartier, David Farabee and Michael L. Prendergast; ’Drug abuse and partner volence among women in methadone treatment, Nabila El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Robert Schilling and Takeshi Wada; A 2-year longitudinal analysis of the relationships between violent assault and substance use in women, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ron Acierno, Heidi S. Resnick, Benjamin E. Saunders and Connie L. Best; Sex work and drug use in a subculture of violence, Hilary L. Surratt, James A. Inciardi, Stephen P. Kurtz and Marion C. Kiley. Part II Drug Crimes: 1. Drug Trafficking


    Mangai Natarajan, City University of New York, USA

    ’offers a panoramic overview of the broad arena of drugs and crime. The overview is at once comprehensive and contemporary...a great easy reference for seasoned researchers and a useful overview for neophyte drugs and crime researchers. Indeed, one of the fundamental contributions of the volume is that it provides students and scholars with a way to conceptualise and compartmentalise the enormous research literature on drugs and crime.’ Drug and Alcohol Review, APSAD