1st Edition

Drugs of Abuse: The International Scene Volume I

Edited By Mangai Natarajan Copyright 2010

    Globalization and attendant modernization has increased both the supply and the demand for drugs around the world. Drug abuse is no longer the concern of only the developed world. Countries without histories of drug use, particularly developing countries, are now reporting problems of abuse because they have become transit points for international drug trafficking. Because the problem is now worldwide, a global strategy is needed for identifying, analyzing and developing strategies to deal with drug abuse and the associated problems for health and safety. This volume reviews the international status of drug abuse. Specific topics covered include drug abuse in the developing world, emerging drugs and poly drug use; gateway drugs, cultural views of drug use and state of the art methodologies employed in research on drug abuse.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Drug Abuse in the Developing World: Reawakening the dragon: changing patterns of opiate use in Asia, with particular emphasis on China's Yunnan Province, Clyde B. McCoy, H. Virginia McCoy, Shenghan Lai, Zhinuan Yu, Xue-ren Wang and Jie Meng; Factors associated with recent-onset injection drug use among drug users in Pakistan, Irene Kuo, Salman Ul-Hasan, Tariq Zafar, Noya Galai, Susan G. Sherman and Steffanie A. Strathdee; Review of injection drug use in 6 African countries: Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, Sarah Dewing, Andreas Plüddemann, Bronwyn J. Myers and Charles D.H. Parry; Substance abuse among Czech adolescents: an overview of trends in the international context, Ladislav Csemy, Pavla Lejèková and Petr Sadílek; Trends in production, trafficking, and consumption of methamphetamine and cocaine in Mexico, Kimberley C. Brouwer, Patricia Case, Rebeca Ramos, Carlos Magis-Rodríguez, Jesus Bucardo, Thomas L. Patterson and Steffanie A. Strathdee; Ecstasy use in South Africa: findings from the South African community epidemiology network on drug use (SACENDU) project (January 1997-December 2001), Andreas Plüddemann, Charles D.H. Parry, Bronwyn Myers and Arvin Bhana; Household survey on drug abuse in Brazil: study involving 107 major cities of the country - 2001, José Carlos F. Galduróz, Ana Regina Noto, Solange A. Nappo and E.A. Carlini. Part II The Emergence of New Drugs and Poly Drug Use: The prevalence of methamphetamine and amphetamine abuse in North America: a review of the indicators, 1992-2007, Jane Carlisle Maxwell and Beth A. Rutkowski; Concurrent use of methamphetamine, MDMA, LSD, ketamine, GHB and flunitrazepam among American youths, Li-Tzy Wu, William E. Schlenger and Deborah M. Galvin; Towards an explanation of subjective ketamine experiences among young injection drug users, Stephen E. Lankenau, Bill Sanders, Jennifer Jackson Bloom and Dodi Hathazi; Illicit opioid use and its key


    Mangai Natarajan, City University of New York, USA