Dry Skin and Moisturizers : Chemistry and Function book cover
2nd Edition

Dry Skin and Moisturizers
Chemistry and Function

ISBN 9780849321344
Published November 9, 2005 by CRC Press
560 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The previous edition of Dry Skin and Moisturizers: Chemistry and Function was the first book devoted to all aspects of moisturizers, a subject often given short shrift in dermatology texts. It quickly became a standard reference. In the past five years, there has been an explosion of new information relating to the nature of dry skin and its treatment. With more than 350 scientific papers on dry skin published in the last five years, the advances in the field have been nothing short of stunning. Completely revised and updated, this second edition presents the most recent research findings and contains highly relevant information for future possibilities to scientifically tailor efficient products for dry skin.

The book focuses on constituents in moisturizing creams and pharmaceutical preparations and their effects on dry skin disorders. It covers regulatory and safety issues and includes pertinent information from neighboring research areas. With contributions from internationally recognized, world-class scientists, the book comprehensively summarizes current knowledge from basic science to clinical practice. The combination of detailed information about the skin with in depth coverage of moisturizers makes this book a one of a kind resource.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Perspectives and Prospects, A. Kligman

Biochemistry and Function
The Skin as a Barrier, M. Lindberg and B. Forslind
Epidermal Lipids and Formation of the Barrier of the Skin, P.W. Wertz
Lipid Structures in the Permeability Barrier, L. Norlén
Particle Probes and Skin Physiology, J. Pallon, B. Forslind, and M. Lindberg
Role of Calcium Ions in the Regulation of Skin Barrier Homeostasis, H. Tanojo, X. Huang, and H.I. Maibach
Desquamation, T. Egelrud

Dry Skin and Hyerkeratotic Conditions
Ichthyosis - An Inborn Dryness and Scaliness of the Skin, A. Vahlquist
Dry Skin in Atopic Dermatitis and Patients on Hemodialysis, M. Takahashi and Z. Ikezawa
Experimentally Induced Dry Skin, M. Denda
Dryness in Chronologically and Photo-Aged Skin, E. Proksch
Itch Associated with Dryness of the Skin: The Pathophysiology and Influence of Moisturizers, B.T. Summey Jr. and G. Yosipovitch
Effects of Moisturizer in Psoriasis, J.W. Fluhr, M. Breternitz, and E. Berardesca

Interactions with the Skin
Moisturizers as a Medical, Biological, Psychological, Cultural, and Economic Factor, G.B.E. Jemec
New Methodology to Improve Epidermal Barrier Homeostasis, M. Denda
Outside and Inside Skin pH, I. Buraczewska
Dry Skin and Use of Proteases, A.V. Rawlings and R. Lad
Effects of Natural Moisturizing Factor and Lactic Acid Isomers on Skin Function, C.R. Harding and A.V. Rawlings
Clinical Evidence for the Use of Urea, M. Lodén
Glycerol - Just a Moisturizer? Biological and Biophysical Effects, J.W. Fluhr, A. Bornkessel, and E. Berardesca
Hyaluronan: Key to Skin Moisture, R. Stern
Hydrophilic Pastes, B. Gabard and C. Surber
Petrolatum, D.S. Morrison
Phospholipids, Metabolites, and Skin Hydration, M. Ghyczy, M. Albrecht, and V. Vacata
Lanolins, I. Harris and U. Hoppe
Essential Fatty Acids: Biological Functions and Potential Applications in the Skin, L.E. Rhodes and A. Storey
Sphingolipids: from Chemistry to Possible Biologic Influence on the Skin, H. Wakita
Effect of Moisturizers on the Structure of Lipids in the Outer Stratum Corneum of Humans, K.D. Ertel, R.R. Warner, and Y.L. Boissy
Vitamins and Skin, A. Krautheim and H.P. Gollnick
Antimicrobials, A. Gauger
Moisturizing Cleansers, K.P. Ananthapadmanabhan, K. Subramanyan, and Greg Nole

Tribological Studies on Skin: Measurement of the Coefficient of Friction, R.K. Sivamani, W. Gabriel, N.V. Gitis, and H.I. Maibach
Smoothness of the Skin, Complexity, and Instrumental Approach, J.L. Lévêque
Assessment of Skin Moisturization with Electrical Methods, E. Berardesca
Stratum Corneum Tape Stripping: Relationship with Dry Skin and Moisturizers, F. Dreher and H.I. Maibach
XLRS Squamometry Revisited, E. Uhoda, C. Piérard-Franchimont, and G.E. Piérard
Methods for Testing Stratum Corneum Barrier Properties, L. Kolbe, S. Jaspers, and A.G. Beiersdorf

Sensitive Skin, H.L. Daughters, A.-L. Chew, and H.I. Maibach
Stinging and Irritating Substances: Their Identification and Assessment, K. Cooper, M. Marriott, L. Peters, and D. Basketter
Sensitizing Substances, A.E. Goossens
Regulatory Aspects on Safety, M. Tammela

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