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Dryland Management: Economic Case Studies

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    by Routledge

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    Drylands are a sizeable part of the world's potentially arable land. They vary from the hyper-arid regions of the classic deserts of Africa and Asia to the more common semi-arid and sub-humid areas that support extensive agricultural systems dependent on rainfall or irrigation. Following their successful and innovative work The Economics of Dryland Management the editors have assembled twenty case studies from nine countries in the continents of Africa, Asia, North America and Australia. They help to explore more fully the costs of land degradation and illustrate the economics of reclamation, rehabilitation and prevention. The cases in this book present a rich, varied and readable survey of a wide range of drylands and their resources. Originally published in 19990

    List of Contributors Foreword Preface Introduction I. Land Improvement Techniques 1. Economic Evaluation of Land Levelling in Weibei Dry Upland, Shaanxi, China - Guangsen Wang, Weidong Wu, and Farong Li 2. Soil Erosion and Land Degradation in the Northern Thai Uplands - Pitsanu Attaviroj 3. Aerial Seeding in China - Li Rongao II. Farm Practices 4. Dryland Management: The Machakos District, Kenya - F . Kalikander and D . A. Hoekstra 5. An Economic Evaluation of Soil Conservation in Kitui District, Kenya - G. Holmberg 6. Economic Evaluation of Dryland Peanut Growing With Perforated Plastic Mulch - Guangsen Wang and Liming Han 7. Dryland Management in the Kordofan and Darfur Provinces of Sudan - Hassan El Mangouri vi Dryland Management: Economic Case Studies 8. Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Farm Improvement with Soil Conservation Project in Maphutseng, Mohale's Hoek District, Lesotho J. Bop III. Rangeland Managment 9. The Fitzroy Valley Regeneration Project in Western Australia D.G. Wilcox and J.F . Thomas 10. A Framework for Economic Evaluation of Collective Fencing in Botswana J. Arntzen 11. Risks in the Botswana Range-Cattle System L . C. Braat and J.B. Opschoor IV. Improvement Programmes at the Village/Local Level 12. Economic and Social Change in a Small Rural Community in the Degraded Lower Shivalik Hill Range in North India Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development 13. Dryland Management Options in Wastelands Development: Jawaja Block, Rajasthan (India) Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development V. Environmental Management at the Regional Level 14. Economics of Dryland Salinity Control in the Murray River Basin, Northern Victoria (Australia) R.G. Dumsday and D.A. Dram 15. Regional Land Use Planning: The Murray River Catchment of Western Australia 1 .F . Thomas VI. Damage Cost Studies VII. Macro/Global Studies 16. Damage Costs of Land Degradation: An Australian Perspective - J.A. Sinden, A.R. Sutas, and T.P. Yapp 17. The Costs of Soil Degradation on the Northwest Slopes of New South Wales, Australia - J .A. Sinden 18. Land Degradation Costs in Canada: A Recent Assessment -J. Girt 19. Natural Resource Accounting: A Case Study of Botswana - A. Gilbert 20. Global Modelling of Dryland Degradation - A.R. Gigengack, C.J. Jepma, D. MacRae, and F. Poldy Index


    John A. Dixon, David E. James, Paul B. Sherman