1st Edition

Dual-Number Methods in Kinematics, Statics and Dynamics

By Ian Fischer Copyright 1999

    This well-organized book uses 3x3 coordinate-transformation matrices and 3-element vectors with dual-number elements to analyze the mechanics of mechanism, robots, and other mechanical systems.
    Dual-Number Methods in Kinematics, Statics and Dynamics serves as a text for a course using dual-number methods as well as a manual for the reader to develop his or her abilities for the design of machinery or evaluation of mechanical systems. In addition to the explanatory text and derivations, the author includes numerous examples and exercises to enable the reader to gain insight and perfect skills.

    Coordinate Transformation
    Matrix Modeling of Joints and Links
    Displacement Analysis
    Velocity Analysis
    Static Analysis
    Dynamic Analysis
    Dual-Number Programming


    Fischer, Ian

    "Exciting!...of tremendous benefit to graduate-level classes and researchers in the kinematics, mechanisms, and robotics communities."
    - Prof. Pierre Larochelle, Mechanical Engineering Program, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne