2nd Edition

Dungeons and Desktops The History of Computer Role-Playing Games 2e

By Matt Barton, Shane Stacks Copyright 2008
    648 Pages 100 Color Illustrations
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    648 Pages 100 Color Illustrations
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    648 Pages 100 Color Illustrations
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    Computer role-playing games (CRPGs) are a special genre of computer games that bring the tabletop role-playing experience of games such as Dungeons & Dragons to the computer screen. Thisnew edition inlcudes two new chapters: The Modern Age, and a chapter on Indies and Mobile CRPGs. The new modern age chapter will cover, among other topics, Kickstarter/FIG crowdfunded projects such as Torment: Tides of Numenera and Pillars of Eternity. It'll also bring the book up to date with major games such as Dragon Age, Witcher, Skyrim. Expanded info in first chapter about educational potential of CRPGs. Color figures will be introduced for the first time.


    Key Features

  • gives reviews of hundreds of games across many platforms.
  • comprehensive book covering the history of computer RPGs.
  • comprehensive index at the back, letting you quickly look up your favourite titles
  • Acknowledgments

    Chris Avellone’s Preface

    Authors’ Preface

    Chapter 1 ◾ Introduction to Computer Role-Playing Games

    Chapter 2 ◾ Origins

    Chapter 3 ◾ The Dark Age

    Chapter 4 ◾ The Bronze Age

    Chapter 5 ◾ The Silver Age

    Chapter 6 ◾ The Birth of the Golden Age

    Chapter 7 ◾ SSI’s Golden Age

    Chapter 8 ◾ Origin’s Golden Age

    Chapter 9 ◾ Sir-Tech, New World Computing, and Sierra

    Chapter 10 ◾ Early Japanese Role-Playing Games

    Chapter 11 ◾ Dungeon Master and the Rise of Real-Time 3D

    Chapter 12 ◾ Other Games of the Golden Age

    Chapter 13 ◾ The Epic Fails

    Chapter 14 ◾ The Platinum Age

    Chapter 15 ◾ Diablo and the Rise of Action RPGs

    Chapter 16 ◾ Fallout and Baldur’s Gate

    Chapter 17 ◾ Other Highlights of the Platinum Age

    Chapter 18 ◾ The Birth of the Modern Age

    Chapter 19 ◾ Modern JRPGs

    Chapter 20 ◾ The Rise of the MMORPG

    Chapter 21 ◾ The Late Modern Age

    Chapter 22 ◾ The Renaissance, Kickstarted

    Chapter 23 ◾ The Road Ever Ventures Forth

    Shane’s Afterword: Surprise Encounter




     Dr. Matt Barton is a professor of English at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he specializes in writing studies and digital humanities. He’s authored several books on the history of videogames and produces Matt Chat, a popular YouTube series featuring developer interviews and reviews of new and classic video games.

    Shane "Shane Plays" Stacks is a talk radio host, podcaster, YouTuber, blogger and recovering elected official exploring the many interests and fandoms of geek culture (of which he considers CRPGs a very important part). You can listen to his weekly Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show live over the air in Little Rock or catch the podcast edition online.