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Durability of Bridge Structures Proceedings of the 7th New York City Bridge Conference, 26-27 August 2013

Edited By Khaled Mahmoud Copyright 2013

    On Thursday evening, May 23, 2013, the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Skagit River in Washington state collapsed due to impact by an oversize truck, dumping vehicles and people into the water. Fortunately, the bridge is located in a rural area and nobody was killed in the accident, but three people were rescued after their cars plunged into the frigid water of the Skagit River. According to Washington state officials, the bridge was inspected last year and was not structurally deficient, but collapsed because of apparent impact from an oversize truck. Nevertheless, the collapse of the steel truss bridge renewed appeals for greater investment in the nation’s aging infrastructure. These appeals are echoed throughout the bridge engineering community worldwide, as the condition of deteriorated bridges worsens with increasing traffic loads combined with lack of proper maintenance.

    Bridge engineers from different countries shared their experience toward achieving durable bridge structures, during the 7th New York City Bridge Conference, held on August 26-27, 2013. This book contains select papers that were presented at the conference. These peer-reviewed papers are valuable contributions and of archival quality in bridge engineering.

    1 Cable-supported bridges

    Main cable anchorages investigation at Forth Road Bridge
    B.R. Colford

    Fabrication and construction of self anchored San Francisco Oakland Bay Suspension Bridge
    M. Nader, G. Baker, J. Duxbury & B. Maroney

    Structural cable designs and concepts
    T.W. Klein

    Latest developments in suspension bridge main cable dehumidification
    M.L. Bloomstine

    Design, analysis and construction of Puente Mercosur—third bridge across the Orinoco River
    K. Humpf, M. Müller & C. Silingardi

    2 Bridge analysis & design

    Development of economical short-span steel bridge standards
    K. Barth, G. Michaelson, M. Barker & D. Snyder

    Fatigue properties of steel-concrete composite slab using a cementitious adhesive
    I. Yoshitake, A. Ogawa, Y. Fujimoto & Y.J. Kim

    Development of a shallow press-brake formed tub girder for short-span steel bridges
    K. Barth, J. Mash, G. Michaelson, M. Barker & D. Snyder

    Load-carrying capacity of corroded end of I-section steel girder
    E. Yamaguchi & T. Akagi

    Uplift bearings—selection and design considerations
    G. Moor, T. Spuler, N. Meng & C. O’Suilleabhain

    Design of Idemli Bridges in landslide areas
    C. Ozkaya, G. Cetin & F. Tulumtas

    3 Bridge rehabilitation and retrofit

    Precast concrete filled steel grid panels for deck replacement at the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge—South Span
    W. Moreau & S. Abdou

    Blatnik and Bong Bridges wire rope replacement: Maintaining Minnesota’s unique bridge inventory
    L. Amundson, R. Haight & E. Lutgen

    Rehabilitation of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and Highbridge Interchange Ramps
    M. Tughral Shaikh, H.-P. Ho & T. Bashir

    Jointless ‘floating’ deck for the Walt Whitman Bridge
    R. Prior, D. Griffith, Q. Ye & V. Pandya

    Brooklyn Bridge orthotropic deck installation
    R. Leo & P. Reynolds

    4 Seismic analysis & design

    Case studies on several isolated bridge configurations adopting a performance based approach
    D. Forcellini & M. Banfi

    Assessment and design of seismically isolated bridges in proximity of major faults and located on liquefiable soils
    C. Ozkaya, G. Cetin & F. Tulumtas

    Seismic retrofitting of curved highway viaducts
    G. Moor, C. Mendez & T. Spuler

    Retrofit procedures of bridge networks against seismic actions in Italy
    A. Pipinato

    5 Bridge monitoring

    Investigation of feasibility of deterministic, theoretical predictive models underpinning visual condition monitoring outcomes
    A. Sagar, S. de Silva & S. Setunge

    GPR testing of reinforced concrete viaduct beams
    D. Beben, W. Anigacz & A. Mordak

    Monitoring of soil-steel railway bridge under service loads
    D. Beben & W. Anigacz

    6 Bridge aesthetics & history

    Artists’ portraits of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    S. Rothwell

    Measures of structural art: A case study using Streicker Bridge
    D.H. Sigurdardottir & B. Glisic

    Lindenthal and the Manhattan Bridge eyebar chain controversy
    K. Gandhi

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