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    198 Pages
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    Dutch Translation in Practice provides an accessible and engaging course in modern Dutch translation. Taking a highly practical approach, it introduces students to the essential concepts of translation studies, heightens their awareness of the problems posed in Dutch translation, and teaches them how to tackle these difficulties successfully.  Featured texts have been carefully chosen for their thematic and technical relevance, and a wide range of discursive and grammatical issues are covered throughout. 

    Features include:

    • Nine chapters reflecting different areas of contemporary life and culture in Belgium and the Netherlands  such as People and Places, Dutch Language and Culture, Literature, Employment, Finance and Economics, Media and Communications, Art History and Exhibitions, Fashion and Design and the Earth, Energy and the Environment
    • Authentic extracts drawn from up-to-date Dutch texts used throughout to illustrate and practise various topical and translation issues, with many supporting exercises and open translation activities to encourage active engagement with the material, the  development of strong translation skills, and vocabulary acquisition
    • Chapters structured to provide progressive learning, moving from an introductory section explaining the context for the texts to be translated to information on translation techniques, detailed close readings and analyses of words, phrases, style, register and tone
    • A strong focus throughout on addressing issues relevant to contemporary Dutch translation, with practical tips offered for translating websites, dealing with names and handling statistics and numbers in translation
    • Attention to language areas of particular difficulty, including translating ‘er’, passive constructions, punctuation, conjunctions and separable verbs
    • Helpful list of grammatical terms, information on useful resources  for translators and sample translations of texts available at the back of the book

    Written by experienced instructors and extensively trialled at University College London, Dutch Translation in Practice will be an essential resource for students on upper-level undergraduate, postgraduate or professional courses in Dutch and Translation Studies.

    Introduction: Getting Started  1. People and Places  Practical Tips: Translating for Websites  2. Dutch Language and Culture  Practical Tips: Dealing with Names in Translation  3. Literature Practical Tips: Translating Er  4. Employment  Practical Tips: Translating the Indefinite Pronouns Men, Je and Ze 5. Finance and Economics  Practical Tips: Dealing with Statistics and Numbers in Translation  6. Media and Communications  Practical Tips: Translating Separable Verbs  7. Art History and Exhibitions  Practical Tips: Passive Constructions  8. Fashion and Design  Practical Tips: Punctuation  9. The Earth, Energy and the Environment  Practical Tips: Conjunctions  Conclusion: Revising Your Translation  List of Grammatical Terms  Useful Resources for Translators  Sample Translations of Third Texts  Index


    Jane Fenoulhet is Professor of Dutch Studies at University College London, UK.

    Alison E. Martin is Lecturer in German Studies at the University of Reading, UK.

    "This book is a clearly structured, very detailed and pedagogically sound approach to translating. It takes into consideration the ever changing position of the English speaker and the effect this has on translating from a smaller language to a bigger one. This makes it a very good book for anyone interested in improving and updating their translation skills or any teacher wanting to use a comprehensive approach in their translating course." - Erna Eagar, University of Cambridge, UK

    "Replete with authentic extracts drawn from up-to-date Dutch texts and attention to language areas of particular difficulty […], Dutch Translation in Practice really does provide for both an engaging and more than accessible course in modern Dutch translation. With the emphasis on modern. So far as learning and the translation of the Dutch language is concerned, to refer to this book as important and necessary, would be a profound understatement."David Marx

    "Dutch Translation in Practice is a really excellent, comprehensive and useful textbook that teaches the development of translation strategies to guide decision making during translation and offers a wealth of resources for reference. […] A must-buy for (aspiring) Dutch-English translators." The Low Countries