1st Edition

Dyeing for Entertainment: Dyeing, Painting, Breakdown, and Special Effects for Costumes

By Erin Carignan Copyright 2024
    304 Pages 262 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 262 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Dyeing for Entertainment encompasses a wide range of methods of theatrical painting and dyeing to create beautiful artistic products for theatre, film, TV, opera, and themed entertainment.

    Featuring examples from renowned international artisans in the field, this book provides a wealth of information on creating and changing colors, prints, and surface textures of fabric using traditional and nontraditional costume, scenic, fine-art, and metal-smithing techniques. It also includes new, safer materials and methods to minimize exposure to toxic materials and fumes. With more than 250 full-color images, this technical manual is designed to guide and inspire new artists in the collaborative art of painting, dyeing, ageing, and slinging blood and bling on costumes that is an essential part of creating characters for the entertainment industry.

    Written for undergraduate and graduate students of costume design and technology, professional dyers and breakdown artists, and cosplayers, this book can be used as a reference and springboard to create your own magical processes, custom fabrics, and unforgettable costumes.

    To access the online materials, including printable swatch sheets, a collection of relevant safety data sheets, and a source guide with links, visit www.routledge.com/9780815352327.

    1. Dyeing in Vein: Safety Precautions and Dye Room Setup 2. Who Can Make a Rainbow? All About Color  3. Ready, Set, Go! Fibers, Additives, and Swatching 4. The Law of Attraction: Fiber-specific Dyes  5. All Together Now! Union Dyes  6. Color Removing: The Undo button of Dye?  7. Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Changing the Color of Leather!  8. The Three S’s: Silkscreens, Stencils, and Stamps  9. Stroke Couture: Printing and Painting With Dye  10. Another Dimension: Paints, Coatings, and Other Embellishments  11. Resist!!! Making Marks with Resist Dyeing  12. Burned Out? Try Devore!  13. It’s Getting Real: Permanent and Removable Aging, Distressing, Breakdown, and Special Effects  14. Arterial Motives: Permanent and Removable Blood for Costumes  Glossary Appendix 1: Bibliographic Reference Appendix 2: Cleaning Up: Stain Removal Appendix 3: Swatch Sheet 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5


    Erin Carignan is a costume designer, textile artist, and maker whose work spans regional theatre, opera, and entertainment. Her research centers around her most passionate subjects: textile surface design, costume design, and wearable art. She is most interested in the intersection of these subjects and in expanding her own knowledge of these areas as she continues to learn from and share information with those inside and outside the entertainment arena. As Assistant Professor of costume design and technology at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, her hope is to pass on her passion of these subjects to future generations, while instilling the wealth of information from the artists who make up our shared lineage as designer-artisans.