1st Edition

Dynamic Characteristics Of Ion Selective Electrodes

By Erno Lindner Copyright 1988
    ISBN 9781315892436
    146 Pages
    Published November 29, 2017 by CRC Press

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    The present book deals with the principle of the aforementioned techniques and discusses the information they provide for electrode kinetics. Special attention is paid to the activity step method, since this technique is carried out under zero current potentiometric conditions and allows the study of the processes at the perturbed membrane-solution interface.

    1. History and Development 2. Transient Techniques Applied to Study Ion-Selective Electrode 3. Theories of Transient Potentials 4. Transient Potentials in the Presences of Interfering Ions 5. Determination and Definition of Response Time 6. The Importance of Dynamic Properties of Ion-Selective Electrodes in Practical Analysis

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