1st Edition

Dynamic Knowledge Interaction

Edited By Toyoaki Nishida Copyright 2000

    Internet, intranets, the Web, chat rooms, E-mail, and E-business. With the advent of this widespread networking, it is clear that the nature of human interactions is changing. As communities develop based on common knowledge, connections through traditional social routes are de-emphasized. Dynamic Knowledge Interaction presents groundbreaking, interdisciplinary work on the creation of information tools for people developing modern community support systems. This book bridges the fields of advanced information technology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology. It will pique the interest of anyone concerned with community in the context of human-computer interaction.

    Use of Associative Representation for Personal and Community Memory Management
    Dynamic K31nowledge Interaction in Human Cognition
    Talking Vitalized Egos for Dynamic Knowledge Interaction
    Social Psychological Approach to Knowledge-Mediated Community
    Intelligent Tool for Supporting Human Communication
    Perspective View of Dynamic Knowledge Interaction


    Toyoaki Nishida