1st Edition

Dynamical Systems and Control

Edited By Firdaus E. Udwadia, H.I. Weber, George Leitmann Copyright 2004
    450 Pages 167 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The 11th International Workshop on Dynamics and Control brought together scientists and engineers from diverse fields and gave them a venue to develop a greater understanding of this discipline and how it relates to many areas in science, engineering, economics, and biology. The event gave researchers an opportunity to investigate ideas and techniques from outside their own fields of expertise, enabling a cross-pollination of dynamics and control perspectives. Now there is a book that documents the major presentations of the workshop, providing a foundation for further research.

    The range and diversity of papers in Dynamical Systems and Control demonstrate the remarkable reach of the subject. All of these contributed papers shed light on a multiplicity of physical, biological, and economic phenomena through lines of reasoning that originate and grow from this discipline.

    The editors divide the book into three parts. The first covers fundamental advances in dynamics, dynamical systems, and control. These papers represent ideas that can be applied to several areas of interest. The second part deals with new and innovative techniques and their application to a variety of interesting problems, from the control of cars and robots, to the dynamics of ships and suspension bridges, and the determination of optimal spacecraft trajectories. The third section relates to social, economic, and biological issues. It reveals the wealth of understanding that can be obtained through a dynamics and control approach to issues such as epidemics, economic games, neo-cortical synchronization, and human posture control.

    PART 1

    A Geometric Approach to the Mechanics of Densely Folded Media
    Luiz Bevilacqua

    On a General Principle of Mechanics and its Application to General Non-Ideal Nonholonomic Constraints F.E.Udwadia
    Mathematical Analysis of Vibrations of Nonhomogeneous Filament with One End Load
    Marianna A. Shubov

    Expanded Point Mapping Analysis of Periodic Systems Henryk Flashner and Michael Golat
    A Preliminary Analysis of the Phase Portrait's Structure of a Nonlinear Pendulum-Mechanical System Using the Perturbed Hamiltonian Formulation
    Debora Belato, Hans Ingo Weber, and Jose Manoel Balthazar

    A Review of Rigid Body Collision Models in the Plane Edson Cataldo and Rubens Sampaio
    PART 2
    Optimal Round-Trip Earth-Mars Trajectories for Robotic Flight and Manned Flight
    A.Miele, T.Wang and S.Mancuso

    Aircraft Take-Off in Wind Shear: a Viability Approach N.Seube, R.Moitie and G.Leitmann
    Stability of Torsional and Vertical Motion of Suspension Bridges to Stochastic Wind Forces
    N.U. Ahmed

    Time Delayed Control of Structural Systems
    Firdaus E.Udwadia, Hubertus F. Bremen, R.Kumar, and M. Hosseini

    Robust Real and Discrete-Time Control of a Steer-by-Wire System in Cars
    Eduard Reithmeier

    Optimal Placement of Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuators for Smart Structures Vibration Control
    Vicente Lopes, Jr., Valder Steffen, Jr., and Daniel J. Inman

    A Review of New Vibration Issues Due to Non-Ideal Energy Sources
    J.M.Balthazar, R.M.L.R.F.Brasil, H.I.Weber. A.Fenili, D.Belto, J.L.P.Felix, and F.J.Garzelli

    Identification of Flexural Stiffness Parameters of Beams Jose Joao de Espindola and Joao Morais da Silva Neto
    Active Noise Control Caused by Airflow through a Rectangular Duct
    Seyyed Said Dana, Naor Moraes Melo, and Simplicio Arnaud da Silva

    Dynamical Features of an Autonomous Two-Body Floating System
    Helio Mitio Morishita and Jesse Rebello de Souza Jr.

    Dynamics and Control of a Flexible Rotating Arm through the Movement of a Sliding Mass
    Agenor de Toledo Fleury and Frederico Ricardo Ferreira de Oliveira

    Measuring Chaos in Gravitational Waves
    Humberto Piccoli and Fernando Kokubun

    PART 3:
    Estimation of the Attractor for an Uncertain Epidemic Model
    - E.Cruck, N.Seube and G.Leitmann

    Liar Paradox Viewed by the Fuzzy Logic Theory
    Ye-Hwa Chen

    Pareto-Improving Cheating in an Economic Policy Game Christophe Deissenberg and Francisco Alvarez Gonzales
    Dynamic Investment Behavior Taking into Account Ageing of the Capital Goods
    Gustav Feichtinger, Richard F. Hartl, Peter Kort, and Vladimir Veliov

    A Mathematical Approach towards the Issue of Synchronization in Neocortical Neural Networks
    R. Stoop and D. Blank

    Optimal Control of Human Posture Using Algorithms Based on Consistent Approximations Theory
    Luciano Luporini Menegaldo, Agenor de Toledo Fleury, and Hans Ingo Weber


    H.I. Weber, Firdaus E. Udwadia, George Leitmann