1st Edition

Dynamics of Blood Cell Suspensions in Microflows

Edited By Annie Viallat, Manouk Abkarian Copyright 2020
    456 Pages 162 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    456 Pages 162 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Blood microcirculation is essential to our bodies for the successful supply of nutrients, waste removal, oxygen delivery, homeostasis, controlling temperature, wound healing, and active immune surveillance. This book provides a physical introduction to the subject and explores how researchers can successfully describe, understand, and predict behaviours of blood flow and blood cells that are directly linked to these important physiological functions. Using practical examples, this book explains how the key concepts of physics are related to blood microcirculation and underlie the dynamic behavior of red blood cells, leukocytes, and platelets. This interdisciplinary book will be a valuable reference for researchers and graduate students in biomechanics, fluid mechanics, biomedical engineering, biological physics, and medicine.


    • The first book to provide a physical perspective of blood microcirculation

    • Draws attention to the potential of this physical approach for novel applications in medicine

    • Edited by specialists in this field, with chapter contributions from subject area specialists

    Chapter 1. Blood in Flow. Basic Concepts

    Chapter 2. Dynamics of Suspensions of Rigid Particles

    Chapter 3. Blood as a Suspension of Defomable Particles

    Chapter 4. Microstructure and Rheology of Cellular Blood Flow, Platelet Margination and Adhesion

    Chapter 5. Single Red Blood Cell Dynamics in Shear Flow and their Role in Hemorheology

    Chapter 6. Aggregation and Blood Flow in Health and Disease

    Chapter 7. Platelet Dynamics and Behaviour in Blood Flow

    Chapter 8. Blood Suspenison in a Network

    Chapter 9. White Blood Cell Dynamics in Micro-flows

    Chapter 10. Inertial Microfluidics and its Application in Hematology

    Chapter 11. Microfluidic Biotechnologies for Hematology

    Chapter 12. Blood Suspensions in Animals


    Annie Viallat, senior scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, France, heads the "Physics and Engineering for Living Systems" Department in Marseille. She works on the physics of active matter, microcirculation of red blood cells and mucociliary clearance in health and disease.

    Manouk Abkarian is a senior scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research. He is a bio- and a soft matter physicist with an internationally recognized expertise on red blood cells dynamics and membrane mechanics, as well as in microfluidics and colloidal science.