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Dynamics of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Digital Technology Transformation and Cultural Evolution Proceedings of the 7th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries (7th BCM 2020), Bandung, Indonesia, 12th November 2020

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    by Routledge

    The 7th Bandung Creative Movement conference presented the theme "Dynamics of Industrial Revolution 4.0" which discussed how the digital world and connectivity changed human culture in various aspects of life, and transformed in accordance to human needs and social culture. Digital technology has transformed society to serve people from manufacturing needs to smart cities, from network connectivity to people connectivity. The application of information technology has helped in improving live quality and environmental sustainability. Digital transformation is revolutionizing how businesses and workers interconnect to be more productive and efficient. The result is improved collaboration, faster processes and time-to-market, lower costs and better products. Devices are getting smarter, meaning they are able to perform more and more tasks without human intervention; moreover, these devices generate data that provide insights to further improve processes and gain greater efficiencies. Moreover, with the Internet of Things (IoT), all these smart devices are interconnected in ways that not only help make them even smarter, but also enhances the intelligence of the overall system. Digital technology is a formidable driver for the transformation of a highly carbon-dependent world into one that is more ecologically ‘smart.’ We are entering a new era of environmental innovation that is driving better alignment between technology and environmental goals. Since its first announcement in 2011, industrial revolution 4.0 has dynamically changed and transformed to adjust itself to the human needs and to serve more efficiency and effectiveness of everyday life as well as environmental enhancement. The 7th Bandung Creative Movement has brought forward discussions on dynamic changes, ups and downs, innovations, relations of industrial revolution of the internet of thing, data, automation, to human physical world, new art and aesthetic, business, product innovation, built environment, and education.

    Table of Contents

    Keynote and Featured Speakers

    Mixed Media Art in Thailand: The Case Study of Vichoke Mukdamanee; V. MUKDAMANEE
    Art Framework for The Industrial Revolution 4.0; M. MOKHTAR
    Digital Knowledge Improvement for Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises: Cultural Change in Digital Mental; I. WIRASARI

    A. Creative Technology, Data, and Creative Industry

    Board Game as a Tool for Developing Character of Independence in Malang Regency; C.U.C. NURSYIFANI, L.T. ATMAJI, G. FEBRIANI
    Branding of Muslim Scuba Dress: Rizka Haristi in Bandung; S.M.B. HASWATI & S.M. RIDJANA
    Digital Comic Design of Food Waste for Teen; S. HIDAYAT & D.E. HERYADI
    Designing Verbal Message and Visual Media of Tourism Destination Curug Putri;S. NURBANI, J. HAIBA, Y.A. BARLIAN, A.R. RAMADHAN
    Measurement Method to Test Strength of Peg and Tie Joints Against Tensile Strength and Press on Simple Bamboo Structure; A.N.S. GUNAWAN & S. MOHAMAD
    Periodization of Development Local Fashion Brand in Bandung in 1994-2018; W.N.U. BASTAMAN, A.S.H. SHAFII, R. FEBRIANI

    B. Digital Transformation of Environment

    Planning Private Spaces of Design Students in Supporting Optimization of Online Learning; A. FARIDA, M.S. HANAFI, W. LIRITANTRI
    Digital Data Storage in Office Space Optimization for BULOG Head Office Jakarta; W. LIRITANTRI, A.D. HANDOYO, G.I. MAHODIM
    Redesign of Interior HVAC System in Order to Limit the Spread of COVID Virus; A.D. HANDOYO & E. WICAKSONO
    Finding Lighting Balance within Ecosystem of Taman Teras Cikapundung; R.H.W. ABDULHADI, M.T.M. RAJA, M. AKKAYA
    Effects of Early Adolescent Characteristics in Circulation Design for Junior High School Building; K. AMELIA, I. HANOM, W. LUKITO, S.N. SIREGAR
    Temporary Spatial Transformations in Residential Area Corridors Due to the Impact of Tourism. Case Study: Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta; V. HARISTIANTI & W.D. PRATIWI
    Data Digging for Heritage Evaluation in Indonesia Built Heritage; R. WULANDARI & W.A. RAHMY
    Study of Controlling the Layout and Construction on Pedestrian Bridge Based on Regulation; N.A. HAPSORO, H.F.S. RUSYDA, C.N. BRAMIANA

    C. Digital Technology Transformation and Cultural Evolution in Time of Pandemic

    Digital Technology cultural evolution: COVID-19 and digital culture – Featured Animation Design for Cultural Respect and Understanding in Tjap Go Meh’s Narration; I. WIRASARI, D.K. ADITYA, N.D. NUGRAHA, A. ERDINA, S. FATHIANI
    Virtual Experiences in Tourism during Covid-19 Pandemic; A. FADILLA & P. ADITIA
    Breaking Logo’s Rule: Promoting Social Distancing to Prevent COVID-19 from Spreading by Changing Brand’s Logo; R.A. SISWANTO, J. DOLAH, I. RESMADI
    Home Interior Wall Treatment to Support Sensory Games of Toddler in Indonesia during Pandemic Situation; R. RACHMAWATI, I. HANOM, A. SIDARTA
    Literature Study on Ventilation and Air Conditioning (AC) Systems Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic; I. SUDARISMAN, M.B. MUSTAFA, M.H.B.M. ISA, F.A. BIRWAZ
    Working Virtually, Exhausting in Reality: Virtual Cause Burnout in the Age of Pandemic; W.T.G. PUTRA, A.L. HAKIM, T. KARTASUDJANA
    Online Engagement Instagram Account Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan During the Pandemic Period COVID-19; R.Y. ARUMSARI & D. SETIAWAN

    D. Innovation of Products, Creative Industries Management and Marketing

    Opportunities for Utilization of Natural Fibre Fabrics in Home Living Textile Products with Lifestyle Trends "Back to Nature"; R. FEBRIANI, W.N.U. BASTAMAN, M. SUTANTIO
    Kansei Analysis: Motorcycle of Choice Based on User Preferences in the Main Commercial Market Area of Gedebage, Bandung; D. YUNIDAR, A.Z.A. MAJID, T.Z. MUTTAQIEN
    Application of Natural Soga Tingi Coloring (Ceriops Tagal) as an Alternative Eco-Friendly Textile Color; A. HENDRAWAN, S. MOHAMAD, W. LISTIANINGRUM
    Social Media Branding on Instagram Account @recharge.id; M. HIDAYATTULOH & F. MAHARANI
    The Innovation Application on Batik Crafts Product in the New Normal Era in Indonesia, Does It Have an Impact?; F. CIPTANDI & M.S. RAMADHAN
    Package Design Colour Preference Using Eye-Tracking Technology: Does Gender Make Any Differences?; W. SWASTY, E. RAHMAWATI, A. MUSTIKAWAN, M.I.P. KOESOEMADINATA
    Theory of Consumption Value in Identifying the Role of Colour in Product Labelling; W. SWASTY & M. MUSTAFA
    Digital Board Game Design for English Vocabulary’s Learning Tool During Studying from Home; D.K. ADITYA, I.N. KUSMAYANTI, R. HENDRYANTI, P.F. ALAM
    Engineered Print for Zero Waste Fashion Design; F. NURSARI & A. NABILA
    Fabric Effectiveness on a Batik Shirt Through Design Motifs; S. YUNINGSIH, E.P. HOKIANTI, C. PUSPITASARI
    Replacement of Public Area with Service Area as a COVID19 Safety House Design; S. RAHARDJO, M.K.A. RAHMAN, A. SAFINATUJANNAH
    Electric Kick Bike Design for Recreational Vehicle; T.S. PAMBUDI, A.W. HERU, A. DEEFINPRAMASYA, V.R. RAMDHAN
    Mahogany Fruit Material Exploration for Essential Oil Nebulizer in the New Normal Adaptation; H. AZHAR, A.S.M. ATAMTAJANI, A. ANDRIANTO
    Ergonomy Of User Comfort In Portable Hand Wash Multifunction As A Facility To Prevent Covid-19 Spreading In The Public Service Office (Case Study Of Lengkong Bandung); S. SALAYANTI, W. PRIHANTORO, L.H. PENTA
    The Potential to Revitalize Sasirangan Fabric Uses Natural Dyes; A. SALSABILLAH & A. ARUMSARI
    Wood Waste's Role on Increasing the Product Selling Value Calligraphy Craft Small Industry in the Online Business; M.N. HADIANSYAH, P.S.T. DEWI, P. ADINATA, F. SYABAN
    The Packaging Structure Exploration of Ready-To-Eat Kebab Products for Street Vendors; S.A. PUTRI, A.S. PAWESTRI, A.N. HUTAMI
    Musculoskeletal Analysis of Stand Screen Printing Table Design Using Nordic Body Map Questionnaire; Y. HERLAMBANG
    Protector Pants Design for Skaters be Analyzed by Divergent and Convergent Thinking Concept; D. YUDIARTI & I. KHOFIANI
    Designing Advertising Strategies for Armenti Coffee House; I. SUMARGONO & A.P. AYU
    Decorative Elements in Muslim Fashion Product: A Case Study Using Macrame Technique; C. PUSPITASARI, A.S. PAKPAHAN, J. DOLAH, S. YUNINGSIH

    E. Aesthetic Evolution in Digital Era

    Indonesian Gestures on The Cover of Fashion Magazines; D.W. SOEWARDIKOEN & M. TOHIR
    The Value of Heterotopia Space Constructed by Hybridity of Physical and Digital Interior Design; J. HIDAYAT &C. DHARMAWAN
    The Metaphor of Micin Generation in MSG Product Commercial; R. BELASUNDA, M. TOHIR, T. HENDIAWAN
    Garudayana Comic Adaptation of the Mahabharata Story Series in the Millennial Era; ID.A.D. PUTRA
    Defamiliarization of Video Clip and Aesthetic Value in 'Lathi' Song from Weird Genius; T. HENDIAWAN & Y.A. BARLIAN
    Expression and Message Style in Indonesian Television Advertising During Ramadhan Month in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period ; M. TOHIR, T. HENDIAWAN, R. BELASUNDA
    Motion Graphic as First Aid Information for Early Childhood Diseases; Z. RAHMALLAH & Y. RAHMAN
    Exploring Sumba Woven Textile Motifs Trough Digital Technique with Escher Method; M. ROSANDINI & J. SAMUEL
    The Issue of Wayfinding Concept in the Museum Interior; T. SARIHATI, R. FIRMANSYAH, S. SALAYANTI, N.H.A. ROSYAD
    The Influence of Digital Technology to Cultural Evolution on City’s Monumental Icons; G.A. PRAHARA & Y. SUHAIRI
    Princess Characters Visualization in the Wayang Comics of Teguh Santosa for Digital Graphics Development; M.I.P. KOESOEMADINATA & A.Z. MANSOOR

    F. Digital Education for Creative Industries

    Disrupted but Interactive: How Online Learning Works in the Age of Pandemic; A. ANGGRAENI, S. PUTRA, A. NURHUDATIANA
    Pop Up Book Design of the West Sumatra Endemic Primates; S. SOEDEWI & K.K. ADHA
    Digital Learning Innovation on Concept Development Course. A study in Visual Communication Program at Universitas Ciputra; L. INDRIATI
    Online Learning of Design Lectures During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Student's Experience; A.R. ADRIYANTO, I. SANTOSA, A. SYARIEF
    Meeting the Needs of Children in Islamic Boarding School with Monitoring Child Growth; F.E. NAUFALINA & M. HISYAM

    G. Digital Technology and Cultural Evolution

    Effect of speciality Japanese Restaurant: Investigating the Zen Concept through interior design with Customer satisfaction (Case study of Shabu Kojo Restaurant); D. MURDOWO & S.M. LAZAREF
    Visualization of Indonesian Culture as Backgrounds in Pocari Sweat Ads "Bintang SMA”; A. SYAFIKARANI, T.R. DEANDA, G.P. NABILA
    Flexibility and Instagrammable at University Library Interior; A. PURNOMO, N. LAKSITARINI, A. JIHAD
    The Influence of Existing Activities Around Public Spaces on the Selection of Location and Type of Street Vendors' Business. Case Study: Tegallega Park, Bandung, West Java; I. SUDARISMAN, M.B. MUSTAFA, M H.B.M. ISA, H.F.S. RUSYDA
    Trend Genre Mobile Apps Contents Sundanese Folklore; D. HIDAYAT, R.T. AFIF, A.B.M. DESA
    Mapping of Digital Citizenship in Bandung's Millenial Generation; R. MACHFIROH & M.F.A ZAHRA
    Ergonomics Aspect Review: Effectiveness of Information-Based Technology Display at Mpu Purwa Museum Malang; T.I.W. PRIMADANI, I.A. AGUSTINA, I.B.A. WIJAYA





    Ratri Wulandari: Lecturer of the Interior Design department, has been conducting researches in cultural landscapes and history of architecture and interior design, a member of ICOMOS Indonesia.
    Idhar Resmadi: Lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University Bandung, Indonesia. His research interest focused on media, communication, innovation, and sub-culture.
    Vika Haristianti: Lecturer of the Interior Design department, has been conducting researches in Housing-Settlement Transformation, Materiality, and Research Methodology for Design.
    Rahmiati Aulia: Lecturer of the Visual Communication Design study program, concentrating on advertising, has been conducting researches in brand management, brand identity, typography and creative marketing.
    Riky Taufik Afif: Lecturer of the Visual Communication Design study program, concentrating on multimedia, has been conducting researches in multimedia learning, animation, and character design/concept art. active in 2D and 3D animation communities.
    Gema Ari Prahara: Lecturer of the Visual Communication Design study program, concentrating on advertising, has been conducting researches in advertising, environment graphic design, and vernacular graphic art.
    Aulia Yeru is known as a lecturer, researcher, and artist. He teaches in Intermedia Studio which encourages its students to make art using an interdisciplinary approach. His artworks and researches concentrate on environmental change and spatial production.