1st Edition

Dynamics of Pond Aquaculture

By Hillary S. Egna, Claude E. Boyd Copyright 1997

    The culmination of over a decade's worth of research by the Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP), Dynamics of Pond Aquaculture not only explains the physical, chemical, and biological processes that interact in pond culture systems, but also presents real-world research findings and considers the people who depend on these systems. This book uses data from CRSP field research sites in East Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and North America to present a complete picture of the pond system and the environment in which it exists.
    A thorough study of the principles and practices of aquaculture, the book reflects the state of the art in pond aquaculture and incorporates recent advances that have changed the science in the last decade or so. It provides a thorough review of the many methods, techniques, and ideas that comprise this complex and fascinating area of study.

    Introduction, H.S. Egna, C.E. Boyd, and D.A. Burke
    History of the Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Program, H.S. Egna
    Water Quality in Ponds, J.S. Diana, J.P. Szyper, T.R. Batterson, C.E. Boyd, and R.H. Piedrahita
    Fertilization Regimes, C.K. Lin, D.R. Teichert-Coddington, B.W. Green, and K.L. Veverica
    Climate, Site, and Pond Design, A.M. Kelly and C.C. Kohler
    Pond Bottom Soils, C.E. Boyd and J.R. Bowman
    Environmental Considerations, W.K. Seim, C.E. Boyd, and J.S. Diana
    Attributes of Tropical Pond-Cultured Fish, D.R. Teichert-Coddington, T.J. Popma, and L.L. Lovshin
    Factors Affecting Fish Growth and Production, R. Soderberg
    Fry and Fingerling Production, B.W. Green, K.L. Veverica, and M.S. Fitzpatrick
    Feeding Strategies, J.S. Diana
    Diseases of Tilapia, K. Tonguthai and S. Chinabut
    Computer Applications in Pond Aquaculture-Modeling and Decision Support Systems, R.H. Piedrahita, S.S. Nath, J. Bolte, S.D. Culberson, P. Giovannini, and D.H. Ernst
    Experimental Design and Analysis in Aquaculture, C.F. Knud-Hansen
    Economic Considerations, C.R. Engle, R. Balakrishnan, T.R. Hanson, and J.J. Molnar
    Developing and Extending Aquaculture Technology for Producers, K.L. Veverica and J.J. Molnar


    Hillary S. Egna, Claude E. Boyd