1st Edition

Dynamics of Wheel-Soil Systems
A Soil Stress and Deformation-Based Approach

ISBN 9781466515277
Published August 28, 2012 by CRC Press
331 Pages 174 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Why is knowledge of soil stress and deformation state important for off-road locomotion? How do you measure soil stress and deformation under wheel loads? What are the actual values of stresses and deformation in soil or snow under a passing wheel? Providing answers to these questions and more, Dynamics of Wheel–Soil Systems: A Soil Stress and Deformation-Based Approach is a practical reference for anyone who works with experiment design and data analysis of soil stress and deformation measurements under vehicle load.

Based on the author’s 15 years of experience in field experimentation on wheel–soil dynamics, the book describes methods and devices for soil stress and deformation measurements and presents numerical data from full-scale field experiments. These methods offer practical solutions to methodological problems that may arise during the design and preparation of field experiments.

  • Provides technical information on measuring, modeling, and optimizing off-road vehicle traction—including a novel method for describing off-road traction
  • Provides rare experimental data on soil stress and deformation under a variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Supplies solutions for designing, building, and using soil or snow pressure transducers and sensors
  • Compiles original experimental data on soil degradation due to agricultural machinery traffic and soil compaction
  • Explains how to create dynamic models of wheel–soil systems based on experimental data

A valuable reference on an important area of terramechanics, this book shows how to analyze and model wheel–soil interactions to create more effective designs for a range of vehicle types.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Wheel–Soil Systems
Ground Vehicles and Their Running Gears
Major Research Problems

Measurement of Soil Stress and Deformation
Soil Stress Measurements: Introduction
Characterisation of Soil Stress Transducers
Strain Gage Pressure Transducers for Soils
Stress State Transducer (SST)
Soil Deformation Determination

Soil Stress and Deformation State: Investigations in Monolith Soil Samples
Effect of Static Load and Soil Stress and Deformation in Loamy Luvisol
Effects Deformation Rate on Soil Stress and Deformation State in Loess

Stress State under Wheeled Vehicle Loads
Field Experiment Preparation
Analysis of Principal Stresses
Effect of Vehicle Loading and Reduced Inflation Pressure
Effects of Repeated Rolling
Analysis of Octahedral Stresses
Relationships of Soil Stress and Drawbar Pull
Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks

Stress State under Tracked Vehicle Loads
Experimental Methods
Analysis of Soil Stress State under Loading by Tracked Vehicles
Determination of Soil Stress–Strain Relationships
Effects of Rubber Pads on Soil Stress and Tracked Vehicle Traction
Final Conclusions

Wheel–Soil Dynamics for Aircraft Tyres on Unsurfaced Airfields
Soil Stress State under Loading of Landing Aircraft
Rolling Resistance Coefficients for Aircraft Tyres on Unsurfaced Airfields
Effect of Grassy Surface on Take-Off Distance
Proposed Method for Airfield Surface Evaluation and Classification

Snow Stress State under Ground Vehicle Loads
Snow Stress Measurement Methods
Determining Snow Stress under Loading of Grooming Machine
Determination of Winter Traction and Snow Stresses under Military Truck Loading
Effects of Snow Skis on Snow Stresses and Aircraft Ground Performance

Modelling of Wheel–Soil System Based on Soil Stress and Deformation State Analysis
Modelling Off-Road Traction
Modelling Soil Stress State by System Identification (SI)
Modelling Dynamic Effects of Wheel–Soil System



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Jaroslaw Alexander Pytka is a research engineer and instructor of undergraduate and graduate students of automotive technology at the Lublin University of Technology, Poland. Dr. Pytka earned an MS in automotive technology from the Lublin University of Technology in 1992, and a Ph.D. in soil physics from the Institute of Agrophysics in Lublin. His major research interest is wheel–soil interaction analysis with a focus on experimental studies. Dr. Pytka has authored or coauthored more than 50 papers and is a reviewer for the Journal of Terramechanics.