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E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service

Edited By Garry Lee Copyright 2014

    The 2014 International Conference on E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service (EEE 2014) was held on May 1-2, 2014, Hong Kong. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various professionals, leading researchers, engineers, scientists and students and presents innovative ideas and research results focused on the progress of E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service. The papers in this book group around the following topics: E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service, Internet Computing and Information Services, Computer science and Technology and ICT for Business and Management.

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    Section 1: E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service
    The study of administrative division reform in China on the basis of the E-government
    W. Shi
    The role of Facebook as an interactive communication device for business
    I. García Medina, P.A. Pereira Correia, Z. González & R. Contreras-Espinosa
    E-Business models for financial services and internet banks
    J.M. Sahut
    Localization for a high context culture: An exploratory study of cultural markers and metaphors in Arabic E-Commerce websites
    D. Liginlal, M. Rushdi, R. Meeds & R. Ahmad
    Entrepreneurial learning in a secure E-Commerce course through creating competitive real-world sites
    R. Garlick
    Estimation of figure of merit in ultra-wideband radio channel for location-based E-Service
    J. Li, H. Zhang, X. Cui & C. Wu
    An E-Service of a stand-alone hybrid renewable energy generation system
    H.C. Chen & W.X. Bai
    Employing an E-Service of BSMSTOL to the swimming learning
    P.-C. Chieh & H. Chang
    An E-Service of security in electric power systems
    M.-C. Huang & S.-S. Lin
    Employing an E-Service for establishing the improved hurdles of the hurdle race
    C.-K. Ho & H. Chang
    Relationships between the quality of online shopping service and customer loyalty in women online shopping website
    K.-H. Won & S.-H. Tsao

    Section 2: Internet computing and information services
    An empirical analysis of the impact on economic growth from trade in services
    D. Yu & X. Xu
    A study on model development for information management service system of health service industry
    C.P. Ko & B. Song
    Labeling schemes for XML dynamic updates: A survey and open discussions
    W.-S. Chiew, S.-C. Haw, S. Subramaniam & F.-F. Chua
    Formal analysis and verification of a new improved NSSK protocol
    G. Shi & H. Chen
    Storing and retrieval of hybrid XML databases: A performance evaluation
    W.-S. Chiew, W.-Y. Yeow, S.-C. Haw, S. Subramaniam & F.-F. Chua
    An evaluation model for embedded knowledge services using fuzzy AHP
    Y. Zhu
    Cloud-grid-based algorithm for data distribution management
    H.-B. Mei
    Trustworthiness measurements of real-time Web services
    X.X. Wu & G.S. Hu
    Numerical back analysis method for in-situ stress field distribution in deep river valley region
    H.G. Xing, F.G. Xu & J.W. Zhou
    Questionnaire generator: Web application using cloud computing
    M. Hoshi & V. Klyuev
    Safety analysis and risk aversion system structure for internet of things
    Q. Wu
    A design of conceptual framework for persuasive multimedia learning application in enhancing children’s awareness of child sexual abuse
    A. Othman & W.A.J.W. Yahaya

    Section 3: Computer science and technology
    A review on recognition of traffic signs
    Z. Zhang, W. Li, D. Zhang & W. Zhang
    Research on spatial characteristics of 60 GHz MIMO channel and multiplexing
    C. Wu, X. Cui, Z. Li & P. Zhang
    An improved semantic similarity approach based on Cilin
    P. Zhang, W. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C. Wu & Y. Sun
    The application of real-time data remote transmission for LWD/MWD in oilfield
    Q. Sun & Y. Sun
    Application of AF-SVR model for the endpoint prediction of converter steelmaking
    L. Gao, X. Zhang, S. Zhao & D. Yu
    Feasibility analysis of spectra partition under a monopolization and sharing pattern
    P. Zhang & L.N. Wu
    An implementation of hardware-based TCP for TS transmitting
    T. Tan, X. Wang, G. Sun & A. Ji
    Model checking and analysis of systems dependent on CPU speed
    T. Mizuno & S.-Y. Nishizaki
    A proposal of softness display using honycomb
    R. Ishibashi, M. Aliff Bin Rosly, A. Sano & H. Fujimoto
    Design and implementation of a micro-inverter for grid-connected applications
    M.-T. Tsai, C.-L. Chu & J.-Y. Lin
    Characterization and properties of PLA/ENR/MWCNTs nanocomposite
    M.A. Tarawneh & S.H. Ahamd

    Section 4: ICT for business and management
    Financial crisis management for contractors in construction market: Case study in China
    H. Chen, L. Zhang, Q. Liu & Y. Liu
    The determinants of local fiscal distress in Taiwan: A Poisson regression analysis
    Y.H. Ho & C.J. Huang
    A construction method of disclosure index of listed company in China
    S. Xu
    Analysis on the survey method of mystery shopping in hospitality management
    L. Xu & S. He
    Study of the market position and regulation of Electronic Property Rights Trading Markets
    M. Chen
    Virtual organization manufacturing resource planning: Flexible multi-objective mathematical programming
    Y. Hsu, J.-J. Huang & J.-S. Chen
    Application of cluster analysis to western China population quality assessment
    X. Zhang & Z. Li
    Comparative evaluation of modulation strategies for a three-phase three-level unity power factor rectifier
    M.-T. Tsai, C.-L. Chu, F.-K. Guo & B.-J. Jiang

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