1st Edition

E.H. Weber On The Tactile Senses

    272 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    This is a revised edition of "E.H. Weber: The Sense of Touch". The title has been broadened to reflect the fact that Weber explored all the skin senses - and indeed the muscle sense and that mysterious entity "the common feeling". The introduction has been expanded to include further information on Weber's life and times, and on recent research relevant to Weber's own work. The translations of Weber's main works of psychological interest "De Tactu" and "Der Tastsinn und das Gemeingefuehl" contain only minor changes, but the footnotes have been updated.; The reader will find here much more than those topics for which Weber is best known - the two-point threshold, experiments on weight discrimination, and a statement of what is now called Weber's Law. Weber also remarked on many aspects of sensory psychology - on left-right asymmetry in sensitivity, on visual resolution, the binocular combination of colours, the moon illusion, on summation, inhibition and adaptation in sensory systems, on the difference between simultaneous and successive presentations, on selective attention, the externalization of sensations and the difference between sensation and perception.

    Part 1 "De Tactu": summa dotrinae de tactu main findings on the tactile senses. Part 2 "Tastsinn und Gemeingefuehl": on the conditions under which sensations are referred to external objects; on the sense of touch in particular; common sensibility - coenaesthesis.