1st Edition

ELF and Applied Linguistics Reconsidering Applied Linguistics Research from ELF Perspectives

Edited By Kumiko Murata Copyright 2024
    242 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With help from a global cast of scholars, Kumiko Murata explores the remodelling of the discipline of applied linguistics, which traditionally regarded Anglophone native-speaker English as the standard for English as a lingua franca (ELF).

    This edited volume probes the dichotomy between the current focus of applied linguistic research and a drastically changed English use in a globalised world. This division is approached from diverse perspectives and with the overarching understanding of ELF as an indispensable area of applied linguistics research. The volume includes theoretical backgrounds to English as a lingua franca, the nature of ELF interactions, language policy and practice from an ELF perspective, and the relationship between multilingualism and ELF.

    A resourceful book not only to ELF researchers but also applied linguists in general, as well as policy makers, administrators, practicing teachers, and university students from diverse linguacultural backgrounds.

    1. Reconsidering applied linguistics research from ELF perspectives: introduction

    Kumiko Murata

    Part I: ELF research and communication: diverse perspectives

    2. Conceptualising ELF and Applied Linguistics

    Henry Widdowson and Barbara Seidlhofer

    3. Translanguaging and intercultural communication: rethinking ‘cultural thought patterns’

    Li Wei

    Part II ELF and applied linguistics research: regional perspectives

    4. The Global South has been speaking: ELF and higher education

    Clarissa Menezes Jordão

    5. English as a lingua franca in ASEAN and implications for applied linguistics research

    Azirah Hashim

    6. ELT in South Korea from the perspectives of ELF and WE

    Joo-Kyung Park and Kiwan Sung

    7. Applied Linguistics in Japan from BELF perspectives

    Hajime Terauchi, Sayako Maswana and Hisashi Naito

    8. Three models of ELF instruction: from a pedagogical perspective

    Qiufang Wen

    Part III ELF and perspectives on multilingual communication and education

    9. Rethinking English as a lingua franca from decolonial perspectives

    Yumi Matsumoto and Ryuko Kubota

    10. Going beyond English-only medium instruction: challenges of multilingual education as an LPP mechanism

    Masakazu Iino

    11. Why aviation English is not ELF

    Dominique Estival and Alastair Pennycook

    Part IV ELF and assessment – challenging the assumed paradigm?

    12. A challenge for language testing: the assessment of English as a lingua franca

    Tim McNamara

    13. Writtenness in assessed English: implicit assumptions of a smooth read

    Joan Turner


    Kumiko Murata is Professor Emeritus of English and Applied Linguistics at the School of Education and the Graduate School of Education, Waseda University. Her research interests include ELF, conversation and discourse analyses, pragmatics, intercultural communication, and language teaching. Her recent edited books include Exploring ELF in Japanese Academic and Business Contexts: Conceptualization, Research and Pedagogic Implications (2016, Routledge), English-Medium Instruction from an English as a Lingua Franca Perspective: Exploring the Higher Education Context (2019, Routledge), and ELF Research Methods and Approaches to Data and Analyses: Theoretical and Methodological Underpinnings (2021, Routledge).