360 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    360 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book guides therapists trained in EMDR in the successful integration of the creative arts therapies to make the healing potential of EMDR safer and more accessible for patients who present with complex trauma.

    Contributors from the respective fields of creative and expressive arts therapies offer their best ideas on how to combine EMDR with these therapies for maximum benefit for people from diverse backgrounds, orientations, and vulnerable populations. Chapters offer detailed case studies and images, insightful theoretical approaches, and how-to instructions to creatively enhance clinical work. Additionally, the book addresses current critical issues in the field, including the importance of an integrative and open approach when addressing cultural, racial and diversity issues, and creative interventions with clients through teletherapy.

    Creative arts therapy practitioners such as art therapists, play therapists, and dance/movement therapists will find this a compelling introductory guide to EMDR.

    1. A Model for Supporting Complex Trauma Treatment Integrating the Power of Creative Arts Therapies 

    Elizabeth Davis, MFA, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT

    2. Inviting the Body, Movement, and the Creative Arts into Telehealth: A Culturally Responsive Model for Online EMDR Preparation

    Jennifer Marchand, MA, CCC, RCAT and Michelli Simpson, LMHC, BC-TMH, NCC, CDVS-I

    3. From Trauma to Recovery: Group Work with Refugees and Displaced Youth

    Jocelyn Fitzgerald LMFT, ATR-BC

    4.  Gen Z in Crisis: Blending EMDR and Art Therapy for a More Robust Therapeutic Experience

     Sherri Jacobs, MS, LCMFT, MA, ATR

    5.  Art Therapy and EMDR: Integrating Cognitive, Somatic, and Emotional Processing for Treating Trauma

    Tally Tripp, MA, MSW, ATR-BC

    6. The Interweave of Internal Family Systems, EMDR and Art Therapy

    Peggy Kolodny, MA ATR-BC LCPAT and Salicia Mazero, MA, LPC, ATR, CEDS-S

    7. Writing Therapy and EMDR

    Erin Bastow, MS, LPC, NCC

    8. Three Dimensional Parts of Self Tool (3-D PoST): An Art Therapy-Based Modality in Preparation of Clients for EMDR Phase 4 Reprocessing

    Hannah Rothschild, MSW, RSW, DTATI, Barbara Collins, MA, RP, RCAT, and Isabel Beland, MACP, RP, CCC

    9. Dancing Mindfulness: Flowing Synchronicities with EMDR Therapy

    Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RYT-500    

    10. Future Self: Developing a Felt-Sense for the Future as a Resource in EMDR Preparation

    Annie Monaco, LCSW, RPT

    11. Work in Process: Expressive Arts Therapy Solutions For EMDR Therapists

    Irene Rodriguez, MS, LMHC, REAT, CAP, CCTP, and Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RYT-500    


    Elizabeth Davis, MFA, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT is a board certified, state licensed art therapist, EMDR consultant and trainer, and Director at Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute.  

    Jocelyn Fitzgerald, LMFT, MA, ATR-BC is a board certified art therapist, EMDR consultant, a supervisor and in private practice in Vancouver WA.

    Sherri Jacobs, MS, LCMFT, MA, ATR is a registered art therapist, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, and founder of Heartland Art Therapy.

    Jennifer Marchand, MA, CATA, CCC, is a registered Canadian art therapist and EMDRIA approved consultant based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and specializing in conflict-related trauma, sexualized violence, and intercultural exchange.

    "An essential book for trauma-informed therapists! The authors eloquently describe the benefits and the necessity of taking a creative and integrative approach to treatment. They highlight the unique strengths of different paradigms and then deftly illustrate how these models can overlap, compliment, strengthen, and enhance each other. Case examples and a generous offering of creative strategies illuminate the powerful healing that comes from weaving together approaches that safely identify and metabolize the cognitive, emotional, somatic, and visual aspects of traumatic experiences and memories."  

    Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA 
    Author of "Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From the Therapist’s Couch" 

    "When treating trauma, the empowerment embedded in the healing approach must counter the intricacies and nuances of trauma’s complexity. EMDR and the expressive arts each have their own histories of support for successfully accomplishing this goal. Now, this curated group of talented clinicians lend their voices to articulating creative integrations of these modalities in a manner that dramatically extends their effectiveness and reach."   
    Marshall Lyles, LMFT-S, LPC-S, RPT-S, EMDRIA approved consultant 

    "Building on the interdisciplinary foundations of the expressive arts therapies, this text offers practical applications for integrating theory and practice strategies within an EMDR framework to improve clinical care for the treatment of psychological trauma. Collectively, the authors spearhead an inclusive approach that promotes service accessibility in a wider social-cultural context. The first of its kind, this book will bolster the utility of expressive therapies-informed EMDR practices and promote an awareness of complementary approaches to person-centered care." 

    Juliet L. King (ABD), ATR-BC, LPC, LMHC
    Associate Professor Art Therapy; The George Washington University 
    Adjunct Associate Professor Neurology; Indiana University School of Medicine 

    "Offering a well-integrated approach to understanding the complexities in trauma recovery, this book provides an incredible resource for integrating two powerful, evidence-based treatments to promote healing from trauma. Using a socio-political and culturally humble lens, the authors explore how integrated Art Therapy and EMDR facilitate recovery from interpersonal and community traumas in our global society."

    Amy Backos, PhD, ATR-BC

    Founder: Art Therapy Center of San Francisco

    Author: "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Art Therapy"

    "This book is a treasure trove of out of the box  and applicable EMDR interventions to enrich both the client and the therapist’s experience. If you are an EMDR therapist who already uses creative arts in your practice you’ll find yourself taking notes and eager to integrate these powerful yet gentle tools all while maintaining integrity to the AIP model and of EMDR." - Erica Wilcox, MS, LPC, Wilcox Wellness, LLC